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Practical information for parcel products

Here you will find the most relevant information when you are to send parcels via PostNord.

Fact Sheets 2024

Read more about our various parcel products and services in the fact sheets.

Fact sheets

Dangerous Goods  
Exports to Norway - VAT and customs duty  
PostNord Return  
Postal Parcels (postpakker)  
Parcel services and surcharges  
PostNord Tracked  
Tracked Letter DK   

Get your parcels there safely


Before receiving your consignments, we need your Electronic Transport Orders (EDI) using a distribution system.

For you to book your consignment and create shipping labels, you need to have a distribution system, also called a TA system (Transport Administration). Read more about distribution systems here


Get tips and advice on how to best and most securely package your parcels here. Among other things, you will find a guide with good advice on how to best package different types of items.

Parcel weighing more than 20 kg

When you send parcels that weigh more than 20 kg, you must affix the parcel with the barcode label ">20 kg”.20 kg.png

The barcode label can be ordered via PostNords Webshop (in Danish). You will find it under "etiketter, plastlommer m.m"

Sorting your parcels

When we collect parcels from you, there may be a requirement for parcels to recipients in Denmark to be sorted according to whether the parcels are to be delivered east or west of the Great Belt (Storebælt) Bridge.

Download guidance below and read how to label your mail container/pallet. You can also see how parcels with certain services should be labelled.

Sorting parcels for the east of the Great Belt (Storebælt) Bridge
Sorting parcels for the west of the Great Belt (Storebælt) Bridge

Handover of MyPack and PostNord Parcels

Click to order labels


Handover and collection of Tracked Letter DK

Vignette TLDK TTA – Attached to each container (sack, mail container, pallet) for the EAST (0900–49999)

Vignette TLDK TTA – Attached to each container (sack, mail container, pallet) for the WEST (5000–9999)

Dangerous goods in limited quantities

You can send parcels with a limited amount of dangerous goods. As the sender, you are responsible for ensuring that transportation is allowed. Read more about dangerous goods in limited quantities.

Find UN numbers for dangerous goods here.

The Positive List is an overview of the substances and items (UN numbers) that can be sent with PostNord by agreement. If the product’s ADR classification (UN number, name, class, etc) is on the list, we can transport the product.


All consignments to countries outside of the EU Customs Union must clear customs (including the Faroe Islands and Greenland).

Read more about customs duties when exporting.

Delivery times to customers in Denmark

Leveringstider til dine kunder i Danmark

We offer next day delivery for MyPack Home on Monday to Friday from 7:00 to 21:00. PostNord Parcels are delivered before 16:00.

We offer next day delivery for MyPack Collect on Monday to Saturday. Your customers will be notified when their parcel is ready for pickup at the post office or from a parcel locker.

We deliver Tracked Letter DK within five workdays from 7:00 to 16:00.

Delivery times of MyPack Home, MyPack Collect and PostNord Parcels for your customers in the Nordic region, Europe, and the rest of the world:

Delivery times for the Nordic region  
Delivery times for Europe   
Delivery times for the rest of the world


Delivery times for your customers with PostNord Tracked and PostNord Untracked:

Country specific information in danish