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Consideration for a green future

We have a goal of being fossil-free by 2030, and we are well under way. In 2025, we will reduce our carbon emissions by 40 percent compared to 2020, and by no later than 2027 our “last mile” deliveries will be completely emission-free. We will only purchase and consume sustainable energy in our vehicles, properties and production facilities, and we will be a market leader in the field of green solutions.

Green care

A greener supply chain requires us to help out in every link of the chain; it is also dependent on demand for green solutions. We are working tirelessly to shrink our environmental impact, and our customers can contribute to ensuring a greener future by using reusable packaging, for example, or by making a difference for the climate by choosing our “Climate compensation for parcels” option.

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Green transport

As the largest distributor of parcels and letters in Denmark, we generate significant environmental benefits by optimizing our capacity utilization, using biofuels, investing in fuel-efficient vehicles and increasing the use of electric vehicles for distribution.

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Green urban logistics

We regularly test new technology in the field of fuels, such as HVO biodiesel and biogas. We also test various types of bicycles and make significant investments in electric vehicles in order to ensure greener distribution in the largest towns and cities in Denmark, where the traffic is heaviest and the carbon emissions are highest.

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Green inspiration

In parcel terminals and other production facilities, we work constantly to minimize energy consumption, to recycle waste and to optimize the way we utilize our capacity. In order to reach our goal of being fossil-free in 2030, we present a wide range of solutions that make it easier for our customers to choose greener logistics.

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Social responsibility

Sustainability at PostNord

PostNord’s business is founded on both financial and non-financial targets that encompass our financial, environmental and social responsibility. The principles for responsible business set out in the UN Global Compact and the OECD guidelines for multinational enterprises constitute an important part of the PostNord Group’s common Code of Conduct, as well as of our Code of Conduct for Suppliers.

The overarching goal for our work with sustainability is to generate long-term value for our customers, owners and other stakeholders, and to ensure that the Group fulfills its obligations to society.

Find out more about the Group’s work with sustainability here: Agenda for sustainable logistics