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Letters, Quick Letters and International Letters

As a Business Customer with PostNord, all your needs for sending letters are covered. From a few daily letters to larger batches, both within Denmark and abroad.
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Your benefits with Letters, Quick Letters and International Letters

  • Easy drop-off and delivery throughout Denmark and to the rest of the world

  • If your recipient has moved, we will forward your letter directly to their the new address

  • If we cannot deliver your letter, we will immediately return it to you free of charge

Letters, Quick Letters and International Letters

Different options depending on your needs


  • The cheapest solution when you need to reach your customers in Denmark. Letters are delivered within 1–5 workdays.

Quick Letters

  • When you need to quickly reach your customers in Denmark. Quick Letters are delivered the next workday.

International Letters

  • We send letters worldwide. Delivery time is 4–6 workdays to the Nordic region and Europe, and 5–15 workdays to the rest of the world. Remember to write “Priority/Prioritaire” on the envelope. If you’re shipping goods abroad, you’ll need to create a barcode label, and if it’s for a country outside the EU, you’ll also need to provide customs information. As a Business Customer, you can create labels for international letters containing goods using Buy Postage in the Customer Portal. Read more here.

Please find country specific information below (in Danish).



Exclusive PostNord service for relocation and return letters

  • We’ll forward your letters directly to your recipient if they have moved. You’ll reach your recipient in the first attempt and save time and money by not sending the letter more times. Read more here.
  • We’ll return your letters to you free of charge if they cannot be delivered. Read more about return letters here.


  • Postage codes via “Purchase Postage” in the Customer Portal: Cheap solution for those who do it all themselves. You print postage codes on label sheets and attach them to your letters. There is no cost associated with the usage.. Register via the Customer Portal and get started today. Read more about “Purchase Postage”.

  • Franking machine: For those who want a simple way to frank. Insert your letters  and the franking machine prints the correct price on the letters. You need to have a Leasing Agreement with your supplier. Read more here.

  • Franking service: The solution for those who want PostNord to take care of everything to do with franking. In addition to the postage price, you pay a monthly subscription. Read more here.

  • PP franking: The solution for when you want to send a minimum of 250 letters at the same time. It is the cheapest option and you just print a PP mark on the letter. You can also drop off fewer than 250 letters for a fee. Read more practical information about sending batches of letters.