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Franking machine

Use a franking machine and the franking is cheaper than with stamps. You can brand your company with, e.g., a logo, image or text on the franking imprint. If you need to send a larger number of uniform letters, the machine can add a PP imprint to cut down your postage costs even more.
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Your benefits with a franking machine

  • Always ensures correct postage

  • Cheapest postage based on the weight of the letter that the franking machine registers

  • You can frank all letter formats, and create security with your customers by having a professional print on your letters

Here’s how to do it

If you want to buy or lease a franking machine, you can do so from one of the five approved franking machine proivders:

You must enter into a written agreement with us for the use of the postage machine through your postage machine provider. You can choose between a Standard Agreement (prepayment) or a Plus Agreement (credit). Read more about the agreements.

Once the Agreement has been set up, the provider connects the machine to their data center so that the machine is ready to use. You can transfer funds to your franking machine using the data center. Here, you can also send your postage data from the machine to us so we can send you a monthly invoice.


Drop off your machine-franked letters at your nearest post office, Business Drop-off or mail terminal. This applies to both Letters and Quick Letters. Letters and Quick Letters must be separated when you drop them off with us. The date on the franking imprint must correspond to the day that you drop off the letters.

If you only have a few Letters (not Quick Letters), you can put them in a mailbox. Make sure that the envelopes all face the same way and put an elastic band around them.

Read more in the handbook.


If you already have a franking machine

Remember to record readings postage data from your franking machine – see call periods

Every month, you will need to record postage data from your franking machine by calling the Data Center so that we can register your usage and send you an invoice. The call must be made within the call periods below.

If you do not make the call, the machine will be locked and there will be a late fee of DKK 45 added to your next invoice.

2023 – Call periods


26.-29. January


24.-27. February


26.-29. March


26.-29. April


26.-29. May


26.-29. June


26.-29. July


26.-29. August


26.-29. September


26.-29. October


26.-29. November


19.-22. December



If you mistakenly spend the wrong amount on franking and the letters were not sent, you can have the amount reimbursed. Send the misfranked envelopes and/or labels together with the Misfranked Envelope Form B86 in a prepaid envelope to PostNord, Shared Service Finance, Hedegaardsvej 88, 2300 Copenhagen S. 

You can be reimbursed up to 12 months after the misfranking.

The DKK 25 fee will be added to your franking machine and will be deducted from your next invoice (Credit Agreement) or included as an extraordinary prepayment (Standard Agreement). Read more in the handbook here.

Find forms card here.