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Relocation Service and Return Letters

Relocation Service and Return Letters are included in the postage cost when you use us as your mail provider.
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Your benefits with Relocation Service and Return Letters

  • No extra costs for relocations and returned letters

  • No unnecessary delay of your letters for relocations

  • You will receive your Return Letters as quickly as possible, with the reason for the return

Address Validation

Use Address Validation when you send mailouts, and have your mailing list updated with relocations. You’ll also avoid Return Letters when our registration of moving ends after six months.
You can also reduce the number of Return Letters with Address Validation, saving time and handling costs, and avoid sending the letter twice.

Read more about Address Validation.

Relocation Service

If your customer has moved, we will automatically forward the letter immediately to the new address for the six months after the move.
This avoids Return Letters and saves the time and costs of sending the letter twice.

Return Letters

We do everything we can to deliver your letters, but there are several reasons why we may not be able to deliver a letter. We mark all letters we return to you with a stamp. This way, you’ll know why the recipient has not received the letter.

You can see what the different stamps mean below.

“Ubekendt efter adressen” – Unknown at the address
  • The address is insufficient/inaccurate.
  • The recipient’s name is not on the mailbox.
  • The recipient has moved and the new address is unknown or the Relocation Service has expired.
  • The recipient could not be found.
“Forsendelsen kan ikke afleveres” – The consignment could not be delivered
  • Street name/house number could not be found.
  • The mailbox was full/missing/broken.
  • The residence is uninhabited/an empty house/apartment.
  • No house, or the building is under construction.
  • The snow had not been cleared, there was an aggressive dog, or something else prevented access.
“Anden distributør” – Other distributor

The consignment was originally distributed by another company (e.g. Bladkompagniet or DAO).

“Modtagelse nægtet” – Delivery refused

The recipient refused to accept the consignment.