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Get your messages out in a way that suits your company and receive your letters in a way that suits you. Remember, if you’re not a Business Customer, find your products under “Private”, or get a quote and become a Business customer now.
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Get your letters out in the best way

Letters, Quick Letters and International Letters

Practical information when sending Letters, Quick Letters and Letters for abroad.

Registered Letters

Use Registered Letters or Letters with Return Receipt if you need proof of delivery for your mail.

Send many international letters and campaigns with local appearance

Use Sorted International Mail when you send many letters abroad at the same time and Consignment/Direct Entry when you want your campaigns to look local.

Send campaigns to many recipients

Do you need your campaigns to reach many recipients? Get a 15% introductory discount and the lowest postage price – including address validation of recipient addresses – with Direct Mail.


Send catalogs, magazines and member publications

With Magazine Mail, you can send, for example, catalogs weighing up to a maximum of 2 kg to a large group of recipients several times a year.

Send many letters in Denmark

Use Business Letters when you want to send many letters at the same time in Denmark.

Send smaller consignments

Send smaller consignments to Denmark and abroad, direct to door.

Postage paid by recipient

Make it easy for your customers to return consignments to you.

Consignment pickup

When you want your consignments to be picked up by us.

Send documents digitally

Send documents directly to a recipient’s e-Boks.

Omnichannel communication

Let PostNord Strålfors facilitate your omnichannel communication.

Outsourcing your letters

Let PostNord Strålfors handle print, enveloping, franking and distribution of your letters.