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Consignment/Direct Entry and Sorted International Mail

Consignment/Direct Entry is a flexible solution for Letters and Direct Mail from one sender to many recipients abroad. You manage your campaigns from Denmark, while the letters are handled as domestic letters in the country of the recipient. Sorted International Mail is a cheap solution when you are sending many letters abroad at the same time, and they are franked with a PP imprint.
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Your benefits with Consignment/Direct Entry

  • You do not have to contact the national postal operators

  • You manage your campaigns from Denmark, while the consignments appear domestic in the country of recipient

  • The recipient receives a letter that looks local in terms of postage, return address and reply envelope, etc.

Your benefits with Sorted International Mail

  • Free forwarding upon relocation if this is offered in the country of recipient. Undeliverable consignments will be returned to you free of charge.

  • Fast worldwide delivery of letters

  • Cheaper than sending individual international letters

Consignment/Direct Entry

Country of recipient

  • You can send Consignments to Sweden, Finland and Norway.


  • Letters (not goods) up to 2 kg.
  • Direct Mail and unaddressed advertising.

How to get started 

  • To send Consignment/Direct Entry, you need to enter into an agreement with us. You can do so here.

Sorted International Mail

Use Sorted International Mail when you need to send several international letters at the same time.

Consignments of papers and documents only

You can only use Sorted International Mail for letters containing correspondence (papers or documents). If you are sending goods, you should use PostNord Tracked.

Franking and Labeling

The letters should be franked with PP imprint. On the front above the address, they should be marked with "Prioritaire" - either handwritten or with a label. The label can be ordered in our online store.


  • Each consignment must contain at least 100 Standard-, Large- or Maxi Letters. However, if the consignment only consists of Maxi Letters, the minimum quantity is 15 items. If none of the formats comply with the minimum requirements, all items will be invoiced as “Rest post” (residual mail), and a PPI surcharge for exemption from minimum requirements will be charged.

  • The letters should be divided into countries and formats. If, for example, it doesn’t make sense to divide into countries due to the quantity, you can hand them in as residual mail.

  • You should drop off the letters at your nearest Business Drop-off together with a completed Consignment Note for Sorted International Mail (EK2).

Delivery time

We forward the letters as Prioritaire, and they usually arrive at the recipient within 2–6 workdays in the Nordic region, 3–6 workdays days in the EU and 3–15 workdays in the rest of the world.



Prices for Consignment/Direct Entry letters are shown on the price sheet for each country. You can find the prices here.

For Sorted International Mail, the letters are required to be franked with a PP imprint. Read more about PP imprints here.