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Practical information about letters and envelopes

You have a number of options when your business contacts its customers using letters. Here you can read more about to what you should pay attention.

Business Letters Preparatory

Layout of envelopes

You are more than welcome to use the envelope creatively to highlight your brand or product. Simply observe the following guidelines:

  • There must be a free field for the sorting code. The code will be printed on the envelope during machine sorting. You can easily avoid your message being covered by a label. More information is available here: Free field
  • You should write the sender and recipient in specific places on the envelope. More information is available here: Addressing.
  • There are a number of options regarding the design of envelopes. The same applies to your choice of paper type. Read more about the choice of paper quality.
  • Do you not want to use a closed envelope? You can choose a non-packaged or folded shipment (without envelope) or cover the letter in film. More information about the various options is available here: Packaging (link to packaging and envelopes).
  • You are welcome to enclose items and gimmicks in envelopes. Here you can read more about to what you should pay attention in this regard: Read more about content in letters.

The above guidelines are mandatory when you send Business Letters and Direct Mail. In other cases, the guidelines are merely advisory. Contact us if you have any special requests  we may be able to identify an interesting solution for you.

Free relocation service – we forward letters

If your customers have moved, we will send the letters to the new address. This is done completely automatically and does not cost you anything. You therefore do not have to pay for the return handling and sending the letter twice.

Returned letters

It is difficult to avoid getting returned letters sometimes. We help you update your address database by stamping your returned letters, so you can see why we could not deliver them. Read more about the various causes of returned letters here.

Easy and flexible delivery of letters

If you need to deliver multiple letters or parcels at the same time, Business Drop-Off is an easy and flexible service. More information about the various options is available here: Business Drop-Off.

Do you need further advice or guidance?

You are always welcome to contact Customer Service.