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Flexible delivery

The delivery is an integral part of the purchase decision. Consumers will decide where and when the package will be delivered, and would like to shop again if they have had a good experience with the delivery. That's why we offer delivery forms that make it easy and safe for your customers to shop in your online store.

Your customers are crazy about flexible delivery

Let the customers decide where to pick up the package

Although the majority of Danish consumers prefer to have the package delivered to the door, more and more people choose to pick up the package at a delivery point. Select Self Delivery is a service that makes it easy for your customers to receive packages, where and when it suits them - e.g. in the local supermarket or in 'Pakkeboksen'. In Denmark we have more than 1,500 delivery points to choose from - often with long opening hours.

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FlexChange helps your customers choose how they have their parcels delivered. It is flexible for you and easy for your customers.

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