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Free field - layout of envelopes

Here you can read about everything you need to be aware of when you use your envelope creatively for advertising and similar purposes.

You can enhance the effect of your shipment by using images, advertising messages or color on the envelope. However, please note the following:

  • The envelope surface must be able to have ink used on it
  • You have to write and place the messages so that they cannot be confused with the recipient’s address
  • We recommend that you avoid adding anything in the barcode field. This may delay sorting, or a label may cover the message.
  • Remember to leave an area of at least 74 x 40 mm in the top right corner for postage

The size of the free field depends on the size of the letter

Standard letter Large letter No envelope/non-packaged consignment
Free area of 22.5 x 140 mm Free area of 45 x 150 mm Free area of 45 x 110 mm

The free field must be left in a light color or white, without fluorescence. Avoid pictures and messages.

If the field is not blank or in a single color, it may in some cases mean that we have to sort the letters completely or partially manually. And the letters will be priced as regular letters for sorting.

Important information if we cannot print the barcode on the envelope

  • Standard letters will be treated as large letters or sorted manually, and thus be more expensive.
  • Large letters will instead get a self-adhesive label in the field. If your shipment is a Direct Mail consignment, you can purchase “Manual Handling” and avoid the label.


Do you need further advice or guidance?

You are always welcome to contact Customer Service.