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Services and surcharges

When your parcels require a bit more. For example, if you need to send a parcel with Signature Assurance, Insured Items or want an Ad Hoc Pickup of your parcels.
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Prices and conditions

Get an overview of our services and surcharges on this page. You can see the prices here.

Remember that you select the services via your distribution system when you book your consignment. It is therefore a prerequisite that your provider offers the service on their platform.

Valuables and Insured Items


Parcels containing money, traveler’s checks, credit cards, bearer securities, precious metals including platinum, gold and silver, precious gemstones, jewelry, watches, jewels, pearls, furs, rugs, works of art, gift vouchers or tickets, or other valuable items whose value exceeds DKK 4,800, must be sent using the Insured Items service.

For Denmark, the Faroe Islands and Greenland, this is done by purchasing the Insured Items service, with the consignment then having compensation of up to DKK 30,000 (DKK 26,442 for Greenland).

For other countries, this is done by sending the parcel using the Insured Items service via Online Porto. The maximum compensation for each country is shown on Online Porto. However, you cannot send Insured Items to all countries.

Read more about insured items ("Værdi" in danish) .

Signature Assurance


Use Signature Assurance when you want the recipient to sign upon delivery of the parcel. Your customer will not be offered FlexChange, and will we not leave the parcel at the recipient’s address or mailbox if they are not home to receive it.

Support the Christmas seal foundation


Give children a fresh start by paying a surcharge per parcel or a lump sum to the Christmas Seal Foundation. Read more about adding the Christmas seal to your parcels (in danish).

Ad Hoc Pickup


Use Ad Hoc Pickup if you have up to three parcels per day that you want to be picked up from your business address.

Parcels with Climate Compensation

Throughout 2023, PostNord will make a climate contribution on all your MyPack parcels sent with PostNord in Denmark.

The climate contribution goes directly to Danish projects working to improve the climate and protect nature, and that contribute to the overall national CO2 reduction target. The contribution is calculated using the average carbon emissions for a parcel’s journey. For the contribution, a corresponding amount of CO2 will be offset per parcel over the lifetime of the project.
Read more about Parcels with Climate Compensation

You can also choose to purchase a climate contribution on your other parcel consignments in Denmark and the Nordic region. It costs DKK 0.05 excluding VAT in addition to the parcel price.

You can buy your Parcels with Climate Compensation via your distribution system. If you don’t have access to Parcels with Climate Compensation, contact your provider.

Show your customers that you care about the environment

When you send Parcels with Climate Compensation, a logo will be added to your parcel labels, showing your customers that you care about the environment.

Parcels with Climate Compensation support PostNord’s comprehensive environmental program. If you want to know more, you can click and read more about our environmental efforts.

Transportation insurance

Get insurance for parcels, pallets and groupage

If you send valuable goods, you can take out transport insurance either on a case-by-case basis or annually. Together with If P&C Insurance, we offer insurance of up to DKK 100,000 per consignment. Insurance can be taken out for parcels, groupage and pallets with authorized contents (see relevant terms of business).

Single parcels – distribution system

Choose the additional service “Transportation Insurance” when creating the parcel label in your distribution system.

If you are unable to choose the additional service, please contact your provider.


Parcels, pallets, and groupage – manually via Customer Service


Remember to state:
Company name and type
Customer number
Barcode number
Value, content and destination of the consignment

The Insurance Department will confirm coverage within two hours (between 8:00 and 15:00). After which you can send the parcel.

Annual Agreement with If P&C Insurance

If you want an Annual Agreement to cover all your consignments, you can fill out an application and send it to or to:

If P&C Insurance
Stamholmen 159
2650 Hvidovre, Denmark
Ref: Transport Industri

Download application for Annual Agreement (xlsx)

Terms of Insurance (pdf)

Other services

See the services

Immediate Return

When the parcel needs to be returned immediately if the recipient is not at home. Your customer will not be offered FlexChange, and will we not leave the parcel at the recipient’s address or mailbox.

Flex Delivery

When the parcel can be placed at the recipient’s address. You state where at the address the parcel should be placed.


Dangerous goods in limited quantities (LQ) 

When you send parcels containing items that are classified as dangerous goods in limited quantities (LQ).


Used when you send MyPack single consignments to Norway and are registered for the VOEC scheme in Norway.

Bulk shipment to Norway and the UK

When you send multiple parcels together on a pallet to Norway or the UK, and a combined customs clearance must take place.

QR code – Return Drop-off

When you book a MyPack or Return Drop-off, you can add a QR code that will be sent out to your customers. If your customer needs to return an item, the QR code can be used to have a parcel label printed at one of our post offices.

Economy Faroe Islands and Greenland

When you want a cheaper shipping rate to the Faroe Islands and Greenland, and speed is not essential. Your parcels will be transported by ship.

ID Check (Sweden)

When you want your customer in Sweden to show ID upon delivery of their parcel.

Age Verification (Sweden)

Used when sending parcels to Sweden when there is a requirement to ensure that the customer is above a certain age to receive the parcel – 16, 18 or 20 years old.


Used when you want to send car tires to your customers in Denmark, the Nordic countries and a number of countries in Europe.

Pickup Handover

The sender of a Return Pickup parcel does not get the option to request that the parcel is picked up without someone being at home to hand over the parcel to the courier.



We can handle all your parcels, regardless of weight, size, incorrect/missing EDI, etc. However, this may result in a surcharge being added to the parcel price. You can see prices and percentages here.

Incorrect/missing EDI

If we receive a parcel without an EDI on time, or it is incorrect, you will be charged a surcharge per parcel.

Sulfur surcharge (Finland)

When sending MyPack and PostNord Parcels to Finland, there is a sulfur surcharge per parcel.

Island surcharge

When sending parcels to islands within Europe – e.g. Åland islands, Corsica, Svalbard – you will be charged an Island Surcharge per parcel. You can see which islands we charge the Island Surcharge for on the price overview.

Energy surcharge

You pay an Energy Surcharge per parcel. The Energy Surcharge is composed of a fuel surcharge and an environmental surcharge – you can see the current surcharge here.

Customs clearance fee and entry of customs information

When sending parcels to Norway, Switzerland and Lichtenstein, you will be charged a customs clearance fee.

If you are unable to send your customs data electronically to us via XML2, we offer to submit this for you for a fee. We can also complete the export declaration for a fee.