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Direct Mail

Send creative advertising to households and businesses.
Get a non-binding quote and become a Business Customer

Your benefits with Direct Mail

  • Creative freedom to design your letter the way you want, and create awareness to your message

  • Cheap service with lowest postage price and a 15% introductory discount

  • Does not require permission – so youwhich means that you can reach all customers as long as the Robinson List is respected

Use Direct Mail and get more out of your campaign

With Direct Mail, you can enhance your communication to customers with a physical 1:1 channel. A Direct Mail doesn’t disappear in the stream of digital messages, but is delivered directly to the mailbox, and can therefore attract more attention.

With Direct Mail you can be as creative as you like. It is a channel that can stimulate the senses. Maybe you want to inspire purchases with a personalized message, samples, or a gimmick?

Get inspiration from our case studies and read more about how other companies have shaped their direct marketing campaigns and the effect these have achieved.  


Get a 15% introductory discount

If you haven’t used letters for marketing* within the past 18 months**, you can get an introductory discount on your upcoming Direct Mail send out. The introductory discount is given for up to 3 months from your first Direct Mail send out.

* Marketing is defined by the content criterion of the Direct Mail product

** Applies to distribution using both us and/or other distributors

Your options

Use PP Impressions (franking mark) as branding on the envelope

Create extra attention on the envelope and strengthen the branding of your company.

Instead of using a regular PP Impression, you can design your own. Simply add an image of your logo, product or campaign visual into the PP Impression template. Then you’ll get a PP Impression that brands the letters from your company. Read more here.

Send Direct Mail in the format you want with the “Manual Handling” surcharge

This gives you freedom to send Direct Mail in any format and color you want. We guarantee manual handling which also means that you don’t have to worry about reserving space on the envelope for the barcode. 

Free relocation and return services

We’ll forward your letters directly if your customer has moved, and if we cannot deliver your letter, we’ll return it to you. Read more here.

Address Validation

Validate your recipient addresses before sending for free, and reach your customers the first time. Read more here.


Contents of consignment

Direct Mail is for uniform letters containing only advertising or marketing materials.

Direct Mail may not contain:

  • Personalized messages such as bank statements, invoices, demands for payments or other forms of business correspondence.
  • Magazines or publications with subscriptions/regular delivery
  • Ordered items.

Delivery time

We deliver the consignments within five workdays of drop-off (Monday to Friday).

Minimum quantity

Send 3,000 consignments or more. With Maxi Letters and Manual Handling, the limit is only 1,000 consignments.

Practical information

Designing your Direct Mail

You can design your Direct Mail consignment as you like, we just need the envelope to have:

  1. A free field at the bottom of the envelope for a code that we use when sorting
  2. Recipient and return addresses in specific locations on the envelope

See more about the options for designing your envelope under Guide to Letters.


Consignment drop-off

Advanced notice

Single batches of 5,000 or more must always be notified in advance.

Click to notify us about your consignments

Mail sorting centers/Business Drop-off

Direct Mail can be dropped off at the Mail Terminals in Fredericia and Taastrup. In Taastrup, you must give notice of your arrival no later than the day before if you do not have a fixed agreement. Use this notification form, which should be emailed to The latest submission time is 18:00.

You can also drop off Direct Mail at select Business Drop-offs for a fee.

Want to know more? 

See dimensions and weight for Direct Mail below.

Samlet_H 220px.jpg


Read the details about Direct Mail here.


A base price covers up to 10,000 consignments. For consignments above 10,000, the price will be lower.

Calculate your price here. Also see the price list for Direct Mail including supplementary services