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Green Transport

As the largest distributor of parcels and letters in Denmark, we generate significant environmental benefits by optimizing our capacity utilization, using biofuels, investing in fuel-efficient vehicles and increasing the use of electric vehicles for distribution.

Electric trucks enter the areas of Vejle, Fredericia and Kolding

Soon there will be five new electric trucks that ship the Danes' parcels around in Denmark. This happens as a part of PostNord's transition to emission-free delivery.

PostNord has set a range of ambitious goals, because will want to take part in setting the direction for the logistics of the future and accommodate our customers' wishes for a sustainable delivery. The electrification of heavy transport is central for the green transition, and with the first electric trucks in PostNord Denmark, we take yet another big step towards our goal of being emission-free in 2023.

The trucks are of the model Mercedes eActros and are expected to be fully phased in during 2024. Initially, they will drive in the areas around Vejle, Fredericia and Kolding, but within the next five years, we expect that all our trucks are electric.

The five new trucks will drive from the terminal in Taulov where the work with establishing our own charging infrastructure is already starting up.

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Switch from diesel to electric vehicles in the largest Danish towns and cities

PostNord has the stated ambition of making the last mile emission-free by 2027, and of being completely fossil-free in 2030. We are therefore working hard to reduce our direct carbon emissions. This means, for example, that we are well under way with the project to replace our diesel vehicles with electric models. Home delivery is already emission-free in large parts of Copenhagen, Århus, Aalborg and Horsens, as are all home deliveries on the islands of Bornholm and Samsø.

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Fossil-free biodiesel reduces carbon emissions by up to 85 percent

The fossil-free biodiesel has played an import part in our green transformation, and back in 2020 PostNord switched a large part of its trucks to this new type of diesel, which is produced from animal residues in the form of slaughterhouse waste. HVO biodiesel decreases the CO2 emissions of the cars with up to 85%.

Since we started by using HVO, we have saved almost 12,000 tons CO2e. This corresponds approximately to a truck driving 310 times around the world by equator. 

The switch to biodiesel is just one of the green solutions whose results can be seen instantly. The positive impact on the climate here and now is a part of what is needed while the new technological options increase in number and become more and more readily available. Today, we also have trucks driving by biogas just like we have just ordered five electric trucks. 

Biogas-powered trucks make parcel deliveries greener

As from the autumn of 2021, PostNord in Denmark has been leasing ten new trucks designed to run on biogas. They have the capacity to cut carbon emissions by around 850 tons per year as they transport parcels between PostNord’s customers, terminals and distribution centers – especially on Zealand.

The initiative involving these ten trucks is one of the largest examples to date of a single company in Denmark choosing biogas as fuel. Later this year PostNord will be establishing its own biogas refueling facility in connection with the company’s parcel terminal in Brøndby.

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