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Parcels with climate compensation

Choose PostNord and show your customers that you care for the environment. Your choices and contributions go to the work of various organizations to securing Danish nature, biodiversity and climate.

Parcels with Climate Compensation (Pakker med omtanke)

It has become easier to care for the environment - also when you send parcels. It only takes a little consideration. All surveys show that caring for the environment is important to your customers when they do business with you. Therefore, you can show that you consider the environment when sending parcels with PostNord. 

At PostNord we make sure that all your domestic parcels will be sent with a climate contribution - which benefits the Danish nature, biodiversity and climate.


The climate contribution goes directly to Den Danske Naturfond and Klimaskovfonden, which work for and with projects that aim to reduce the amount of CO2 in Denmark. The contribution to Den Danske Naturfond goes to restoring Hals Mose, which is a climate project in Northern Jutland that reduces CO2 emission in the atmosphere with minimum 1,900 tons CO2, while the contribution to Klimaskovfonden goes to founding a new forest in Denmark.

Restoring Hals Mose has provided more living places to wild animals and plants - among others cranes, night owls and golden eagles. Moreover, the residents of the area, holiday home guests and tourists have gotten a new nature attraction with free access all year. Read more about the exciting project in Danish here: Hals Mose

You can read more about the projects of Klimaskovfonden in Danish here:Klimaskovfonden

Parcels with climate compensation supports the comprehensive environmental programme of PostNord. If you want to know more, you can click and read more about our environmental efforts in Danish here: Vores miljøansvar

The climate contribution

The climate contribution goes uncut to Danish verified nature and climate projects and is calculated based on an average of the CO₂ emissions for a package's journey in Denmark and the Nordic region. The contribution by PostNord to parcels with climate compensation includes all domestic parcels. You can choose to support our "parcels with compensation" for your other shipments to the Nordic Region. This costs 5 øre excl. VAT per parcel in addition to the price of the parcel.

Parcels with climate compensation can be bought via your TA-provider. If you do not have access to "parcels with climate compensation" (in Danish "Pakker med omtanke"), you need to contact your provider.

Logo that shows your climate contribution

When you send parcels with climate compensation, you will at the same time get a logo on your shipments.

With the logo, you make it visible for your customers and others that you care for the climate via your actions.