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Green care

A greener supply chain requires us to help out in every link of the chain; it is also dependent on demand for green solutions. We are working tirelessly to shrink our environmental impact, and our customers can contribute to ensuring a greener future by using reusable packaging, for example, or by actively showing consideration for the climate by choosing PostNord’s “Climate compensation for parcels” option.

Parcels with climate compensation 

When your company chooses PostNord to make your deliveries, you are simultaneously contributing to the work being done by Danish organizations to safeguard Danish nature, biodiversity and the climate. “Climate compensation for parcels” is a climate contribution made for all national parcel services: B2C, B2B, C2X and return parcels.

The choice to make a climate contribution on national parcels is an extension of our previous concept of the same name, where companies themselves had the opportunity to make a climate contribution on their parcels. PostNord covers the climate contributions itself via the new initiative, but companies can still pay a climate contribution of their own on their export parcels sent to addresses in the Nordic region.

The climate contributions from PostNord are transferred in full to the Danish Nature Fund and the Danish Climate Forest Foundation, which work for and with projects targeted at reducing the volume of CO2 in Denmark and expanding Danish nature and diversity.

The climate contribution is not included in PostNord’s green accounts, but does contribute to the national goals of becoming a carbon-neutral society by no later than 2050.

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PostNord helps reduce the environmental footprint of dental clinics

PostNord and Plandent have joined forces with a group of students to develop an alternative delivery system which will, in future, reduce carbon emissions by approximately 25 percent while simultaneously improving both air quality and the aquatic environment.

Dental clinics in Denmark receive thousands of goods every day, packed in cardboard boxes. Unfortunately, this packaging has a major impact on the environment. In future, deliveries to Danish dental clinics will be made in reusable bags instead. These bags will then be returned by PostNord to Plandent, where they can be reused between 50 and 80 times before finally being sent for recycling.

This system makes it possible to cut the volume of waste generated and to reduce the dental clinics’ environmental impact.

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PostNord’s green solution at distribution points in Aarhus

In May 2022, we tested the possibility of giving our customers a greener option when they chose to collect their parcels from a post office or a parcel locker. The results were highly encouraging, so customers in Aarhus can now choose a climate-friendlier delivery option on the checkout page when they order items online. At the same time, the individual stores have the opportunity to showcase themselves as particularly climate-friendly distribution points.

The three participating distribution points – which are all located in Central Aarhus – all meet four climate-friendly criteria for being approved as “green” distribution points:

  • Parcels are delivered fossil-free from the PostNord distribution center, using vehicles powered by electricity of HVO Biodiesel, for instance.
  • Customers can drop off cardboard from the parcels they collect for recycling.
  • The distribution points are easy to access for cyclists and pedestrians.
  • The distribution points are located close to public transport stops and/or allow customers to shop for groceries at the same time.

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PostNord and BESTSELLER make a climate contribution when Nordic customers shop online

“Climate compensation for parcels” is a climate contribution option companies can choose when sending parcels with PostNord. The climate contribution itself is calculated on the basis of an average of the carbon emissions attributable to a parcel’s journey in the Nordic region. It makes an important contribution to our work to establish a greener supply chain, and we are therefore proud to have established a close partnership with BESTSELLER, Denmark’s largest fashion group.

When customers choose to have parcels sold via BESTSELLER webshops transported by PostNord, PostNord guarantees to offset the climate impact of the parcel’s journey from the time it leaves the webshop to the time it reaches the end customer. The cost of the service is covered by BESTSELLER, so it is provided at no extra charge to the recipient.

All contributions via PostNord’s “Climate compensation for parcels” product are transferred in full to a unique nature project in North Jutland whose aim is to re-establish 220 hectares of Hals Mose, a stretch of upland moor that was otherwise at risk of disappearing. The project is being facilitated by the Danish Nature Foundation, and the agreement between PostNord and this foundation is the first of its kind in Denmark.

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