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We use cookies to optimize the functionality of our website and for certain marketing purposes. You agree to our use of cookies by closing this banner or by continuing to browse the website. Read more about how to manage and remove Cookies.

Collecting anonymous information

This information relates to PostNord collecting, storing and using information about users of


Collecting anonymous information

The PostNord website uses cookies. A cookie is a small text file which is stored on your computer, and which collects information for the purpose of improving the user experience.

This website uses two types of cookies – persistent cookies and session cookies. Persistent cookies, which are stored on your computer for an extended period of time after your web browser is closed down, are used for monitoring and logging web traffic and traffic patterns between your computer and the website. Session cookies, which are automatically deleted after the browser has been closed down, are used to optimise the loading of the website and web caching on your computer.

We also use web beacons, which are small transparent image files that are designed to monitor web traffic and traffic patterns between your computer and our website. The information is anonymous, and we cannot use the information to identify you. The information includes, for example:

  • your browser type, your screen resolution and your operating system
  • which pages you have visited at
  • your IP address, which is a number that identifies information transmitted and received on the Internet

We are permitted to use the information for general statistical purposes, which can help us to improve our pages to reflect user needs.

If you do not accept the use of cookies when visiting our website, you can either disable the use of cookies in your browser settings, or leave our website. If you choose to disable the use of cookies in your browser settings, the services and functions which are available on the website may not work as intended.


Collection of personal information

In addition to the anonymous information you leave, in some cases you will also be asked to provide personally identifiable information about yourself on our website. Providing this information is voluntary. However, we do need this information to offer you the services you want.

The information we collect may, for example, be your name, civil registration number, address, email address and/or telephone number.

Use of your personal information

You will be asked to provide personal information in different places on the website so that we can provide the best possible service.

As a new electronic post office – ePosthuset – user, you must provide your civil registration number (CPR no.), postcode and email address. The information is used so that you can, among other things, receive your personal access code to ePosthuset, so that no one but you can sign up for ePosthuset.

When you buy stamps, you must state your name, address, email address and telephone number. This information is necessary so we can provide the desired service when you order stamps.

When you order packaging material on our website, you need to state your name, address, telephone number and perhaps an alternative delivery address to the invoice address. This information is necessary so we can provide the desired service when you order packaging.

In connection with online purchases via the website, you will be asked to enter your payment card details. The payment system is provided by Nets Danmark, which is an authorised payments system provider, and the card details are submitted directly to Nets Danmark. Your payment card details are not registered by PostNord.

Only the PostNord employees who need to use the information in connection with their work are able to access the information.

Moreover, the information is used in an anonymous form for our internal statistics.

PostNord stores your personal information securely, and the information is deleted when it no longer has any relevance.

Over and above this, PostNord can only read and/or disclose your personal information where this is expressly required by law or pursuant to statutory regulations, or subject to your prior consent.

Unless you have given your consent, or unless otherwise authorised by law, PostNord will not contact you in connection with marketing and user surveys.


Control of personal information

Under ePosthuset, you can see the information that we have registered about you. Moreover, under ePosthuset you can also edit or delete your personal information. You must be logged into ePosthuset to make these changes.

When you have purchased stamps, you can choose ‘Buy stamps’ under the menu item ePosthuset and see the information we have registered about you. In addition, you can also edit or delete your personal information. You must be logged in under ‘Buy stamps’ to make these changes.


Protection of your personal information

PostNord is obliged to protect your personal information. We do so internally at PostNord, and also when communicating online.


Only a limited number of employees have access to the information via special authorisation: the employees who need to use the information.

Communication via the Internet

When you log on to ePosthuset, you have to use a username and a unique password. It is important that you treat your personal password as confidential information, so that no one else can gain access to your ePosthus. Your personal password is your guarantee that you are the only person who can access data at your ePosthus.

To make the communication of your personal information over the Internet as secure as possible, we use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption with 128-bit encryption. You can see that we use SSL encryption from the small padlock icon which is displayed in the bottom right-hand corner of your browser.

With SSL encryption, you can be sure that it is PostNord which is sending data to your PC. Moreover, you are also protected against data being altered as it travels between PostNord and your PC, and it is guaranteed that this data is kept secret during transmission.