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Business Communication

If you want to send invoices, financial reports, account statements, agreements or HR documents, such as payroll specifications, PostNord can provide both physical and digital solutions.

Some information has to be readily available, regardless of where the recipient happens to be, while other information has to be easy to save. Different channels are suitable to a greater or lesser extent for different purposes – the most important aspect for achieving the desired effect is knowing the recipient’s preferences.

You can choose from among PostNord’s numerous services, so that you get the service that best suits the purpose of your mailing.

You can send your business communication in several channels – including both physical and digital options. You can, among other things, send your letters digitally via e-Boks.

Remember to also make use of administrative letters

Letters have a number of unique qualities when it comes to efficient administrative communication. When a letter arrives in the mailbox, there is a clearer focus on the content than occurs in other contexts. This gives letters a greater impact, and the content is therefore also remembered better.

Letters are perceived as being a serious and important means of communication. You should therefore make use of this open window to deliver your message in the best possible way. Recipients want letters that are of relevance to them. The sender should therefore always strive to deliver relevant and targeted content.

With a well-composed and visually strong letter, you can enhance your company’s image and brand value. And when you send invoices, annual reports, etc., this also provides the opportunity to use the strengths of letters to:

  • Create the potential for more sales
  • Provide inspiration regarding other services
  • Remove some of the burden from customer service by providing useful information

The most common tools and services in the area of Business Communication

Quickbreve Business

When your business wants letters to arrive quickly.

Letters Business

A low cost option if you are not in a hurry and are sending fewer than 3,000 items.

Letters with PP-franking

If you are sending smaller batches (minimum 250 letters).

We Mail

If you want to send both physical and digital letters.

Digital letter

Do you want your customers, suppliers and employees to be able to receive letters from your company directly in their e-Boks digital letterboxes? This is possible with PostNord’s e-Boks solutions.

Letters abroad Business

Fast and reliable delivery of individual letters or larger shipments to the entire world.

Direct Mail

Do you want to gain the attention of lots of people and attract more consumers with your message? Direct Mail lets you build on relationships with existing customers, find new customers in your target market, generate traffic for your online store, and attract new customers to your physical store. Effectively and easily.

The Considered Letter

Ph.D. in rhetoric Anne Katrine Lund has written a fantastic and useful book on how to make best use of the letter in effective communication. Get insight and a good overview.

Download the book


Omnichannel helps you communicate with your customers on their terms, giving them the best customer experience – physically and digitally.

Read more about Omnichannel

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