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Free returns

Is it worth it?

There are many good reasons for making it free for customers to return any incorrect purchases from your online store:

  • You remove a possible purchase barrier and may consequently sell more
  • You have a greater chance of having satisfied customers who will shop again
  • You may stand out from competitors who have poorer return terms

Although returns on the face of it appear to be an expense, making your customers’ payment cards a little more flexible may well prove a good investment. We have a number of solutions that make it easier for you to offer your customers free returns.

Return packing slip

One way of offering your customers free returns is a return packing slip, which you can attach to the item or send by e-mail. If the customer wishes to return all or part of their purchase, they can simply re-seal the parcel and affix the return packing slip on top of the used address label. The parcel will then be immediately ready for return. You only pay for the return packing slips that are used, and they are barcoded so that the parcels can be tracked through Track & Trace.

Returns letter

The returns letter is suitable for smaller items of lower value such as clothing, shoes and spare parts. You can use the returns letter for items weighing up to two kilograms. There is no barcode, and thus no provision for Track & Trace. You only pay postage for items that are actually returned.

Contact us Customer Service to find out more about our returns solutions.