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Easy returns

Returns – an important part of your business online

Consumers are becoming more and more aware of things that make a little difference between one online store and another. One of these is the possibility of changing your mind and returning a purchase. So if you want to increase conversion to sales, it is a good idea to have a visible and simple returns policy. It is a matter of psychology in three areas critical to business.

  1. Make new customers feel secure in the purchasing situation
  2. Encourage customers to shop again by making sure that they know that a mistake purchase is not a problem
  3. Mark yourself out positively from your competitors

We follow trends in e-commerce closely and offer competitive returns solutions for your online store. You just have to decide whether it will be free, or whether returns will cost the customer something. Find out more about the solutions under the menu items Free to customer and Customer pays.

Contact Customer Service to find out more about our returns solutions.