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Supply Chain and Logistics

We simplify your logistics along the entire supply chain, so that you can focus on your core activities. Regardless of whether you are sending small parcels or container loads, and whether they are being sent to your neighbor or around the globe, we are here to help you.

Individual solutions for your entire ordering and delivery chain.

Are you, like many other fast-growing companies, considering obtaining help from a partner that can handle your logistic challenges and your increased volumes?

Then you should choose a logistics partner that can customize its logistics services in accordance with your changing needs and which, in addition to traditional warehousing services, can also provide various types of value-added services. PostNord has extensive experience with tailoring warehousing services to meet market demands and wishes. We provide creative and tailored value-added services that make your warehousing more efficient.

We can help you by providing the following value-added services, for example:

  • Photographing of products
  • Labeling of products
  • Repackaging of products
  • Configuration of technical products
  • Returns management
  • Customs clearance
  • Construction of so-called display pallets, which can be shown off directly in the receiving stores

In addition to the above examples, we can jointly develop solutions for all the different types of value-added services requested by your business. The only limitations are your creativity and imagination.

Do you want to know more about how we can solve your challenges with our value-adding additional services throughout the entire supply chain?

You are welcome to contact customer service: +46 (0)771-33 33 10


What we offer in the area of Supply Chain and Logistics


We provide services for various flows: e-commerce, stores, wholesalers, returns. We handle traditional warehousing solutions with pallets, shelves and storage machines, and solutions with handheld computers and pick-by-voice. We also invest in the development of modern technology, such as automation.


Delivery is playing an increasingly important role in the consumer experience when making purchases online. How you deliver is at least as important as what you deliver. We know how you have to interact with today’s e-consumers, on their terms.

Customer Portal

Get a unique overview of your parcels with the PostNord Customer Portal.

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If you need to send pallets or goods, you can get a quote on your shipments here.

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The most common tools and services in the area of Supply Chain and Logistics


With us, it is just as easy for you to send pallets as parcels. If you need to send goods to and from the Nordic region and the rest of Europe, we will help you transport them from door to door.

PostNord Pallet

We pick up pallets weighing up to 1,000 kilograms from you and deliver them to recipient companies and consumers.


With our InNight logistics service, you can sleep well during the night while your goods are safely transported and reach your customers before their work days have even started. Transporting goods at night saves time and money – both for you and for your customers.