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Your options when sending letters

Find the product that suits your needs and buy it via Online Porto (online postage), PostNord’s app or at your local post office.
Buy online postage

Purchase postage digitally

On our Customer Postal, you can purchase all your postage under the menu header “Køb Brevporto” (purchase postage).

You can find it on the front page once you’ve logged in. There are no extra costs for your business for using “Køb Brevporto”. You only pay the actual postage cost. There are many advantages to using the Customer Portal. Read more about the Customer Portal here.


Purchase postage and labels for all types of letters

  • Letters
  • Quick Letters
  • International Letters
  • Registered Letters
  • Letters with Return Receipt

And it’s quick and easy!

  • Purchase postage codes and labels online.
  • Put the postage code or label on your consignment.
  • Hand over the consignment to PostNord.
  • You pay by invoice

… and we will sort the rest.





Registered Letters and Letters with Return Receipt

From 1 June 2023, physical labels and forms will be discontinued

Physical labels and forms are being replaced by a solution where you create and print labels with a barcode from the Customer Portal under “Køb Brevporto”. If your company uses a shipment system for parcels, you can create labels for Registered Letters using it. Letters with Return Receipt is also available in nShift Delivery.


  • No separate franking – create a label and put it on the front of the letter
  • Full Track & Trace
  • You’ll receive theReturn Receipt by email immediately after the letter has been delivered to the recipient
  • Notifications available
  • Electronic receipt for drop-off

Promote your business

As an extra, you also have the option to brand your business by uploading your logo next to the postage code.






Have a question?

It is possible that we already have the answer.

I have access to the Customer Portal, but I can’t see “Køb Brevporto” in the menu?

Get in touch with the administrator at your company. They can always give you access.

Administrator no longer employed by the company?

Create a new administrator here: Create new administrator

I’ve forgotten my password for the Customer Portal – what should I do?

Click “Forgot password” at the login for the Customer Portal. 

Do I need a label printer?

No. You can print labels on A4 paper, fold the paper and put it on the letter. You can also use a plastic pocket.

How do I order plastic pockets for labels?

You can order plastic pockets from the PostNord online shop. Click on “Labels, plastic pockets, etc.” on the top menu bar.