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Green urban logistics

We regularly test new technology in the field of fuels, such as HVO biodiesel and biogas. We also test various types of bicycles and make significant investments in electric vehicles in order to ensure greener distribution in the largest towns and cities in Denmark, where the traffic is heaviest and the carbon emissions are highest.

The bicycle – a proud tradition

PostNord mail carriers have been using bicycles to deliver mail to Danes since 1898, and this mode of transport is just as relevant today as it was back then. In fact, this is still the most sustainable way to deliver the mail. 

  • We distribute more than half of all letter post by bicycle.
  • There are more than 450 PostNord bicycles on the street every day.
  • PostNord employs more than 600 bicycle mail carriers.
  • Our mail carriers cover an average of 15 km per day.
  • We wear out more than 7,000 bicycle tires and 200 saddles every year.

Here at PostNord, we make a point of taking the lead in the green transition, not only with regard to incorporating existing technology such as electric vehicles and bicycles, but also when it comes to the development of innovative new solutions such as self-operating parcel trucks and drone delivery.

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