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Green inspiration

In parcel terminals and other production facilities, we work constantly to minimize energy consumption, to recycle waste and to optimize the way we utilize our capacity. In order to reach our goal of being fossil-free in 2030, we present a wide range of solutions that make it easier for our customers to choose greener logistics.

New environmental reports 2023

We at PostNord are committed to making every link of the supply chain even greener. On this trajectory, shared responsibility, transparency and knowledge sharing are all essential, which is why we are keen to provide our commercial customers with peerless insight into how their shipments travel from point A to point B.

As one of PostNord’s commercial customers, you can access environmental reports directly in our customer portal to find out, for example, how much CO2 your shipments generate, how large a proportion of the energy consumed is sustainable, and much more besides. The calculations are based on a bottom-up process and apply to the products MyPack Home/Collect, Parcel, Return Drop off, Groupage and Pallet. More products will be added on an ongoing basis.

By choosing green power, PostNord saved 6,800 tons of CO2 in 2021

Among the numerous initiatives targeted at our becoming fossil-free in 2023, one of the most significant is our decision to use green power exclusively. We started doing so back in 2013, and last year we eased the burden on the climate by 6,800 tons of CO2 compared to if we had used standard electricity.

It is this green power that keeps our parcel sorting facilities, goods terminals, distribution centers, electric cars and bikes running, and it is this green power that flows through our office premises and TPL warehouses.

Even though the power itself is green, we still work constantly to optimize our operations so as to reduce power consumption. We do so, for example, by using LED lighting and CTS installations which not only save power, but also improve our working environment.

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Targeted waste management lessens impact on the climate

Towards the end of 2022, PostNord entered into an agreement with Stena Recycling for the intelligent collection and processing of waste.

The objective of the working relationship is to increase the proportion of reuse of the various types of waste from our production processes – cardboard and plastic in particular – and to generate less residual waste that cannot be reused.

The new waste management program involves the use of smart, contemporary waste containers that provide automatic notification when they will soon need emptying. This ensures that we only empty the containers that are actually full, which translates into fewer trips and, as a result, lower climate impact. 

The waste sent for recycling is refined into new raw materials which are subsequently used to make new products. In the long term, we will be able to see relatively how much less carbon we emit into the atmosphere compared to if these fractions had become residual waste. 

The first step has been to analyze the existing material and needs at local level. This phase has now been completed, and the work to develop solutions that are easy to use – thus ensuring the maximum level of recycling – is well under way. Stena Recycling has also served as a sounding board in relation to motivating our employees to adopt the new work processes.

With the new model in place, PostNord has already reduced the proportion of residual waste sent for incineration from 28 to 21 percent, and increased the recycling rate from 68 to 77 percent. Waste sorting has become greener, less carbon-intensive and with genuine resource optimization. 

PostNord is a European Climate Leader

Given our precise and ambitious climate goals, PostNord is blazing a trail and showing authentic climate leadership. Our initiatives have, for example, qualified us for a prestigious place in the second edition of the list produced by the Financial Times and Statista of Europe’s 400 climate leaders who are paving the way to a green transition and reduced carbon emissions.

We accord sustainability a high place on the agenda and our latest climate goals are:

  • Fossil-free in 2030
  • 40 percent reduction in carbon emissions by the end of 2025 compared to 2020
  • Emission-free “last mile” in 2027

Our new climate goals have been approved by the Science-Based Targets Initiative as documentation that the work to achieve these goals makes an actual contribution to the crucial green transition.

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