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About us

Find out more about who we are and what it’s like to work here.

Our culture

Irrespective of whether you work with distribution or at a terminal, as a driver or in an office, we want you to behave in a way that moves us and our company forward. 

We describe the culture we’re looking for as follows:

  • “Reliable” has to do with our keeping our promises and working together to do our utmost to make everyday life easier for our customers. We work to generate confidence in PostNord as a part of society, in a customer- or partner agreement, and among colleagues.
  • “ABC Leadership” describes how we are Accountable, Brave and Committed, i.e. responsible, courageous and involved, and an effective change leader – regardless of whether we are leading ourselves or others.

The following section describes in more detail where we are heading and how the Group looks at present, to give you a better idea of what it’s like to work with us.

Our core

Our aim is to be the favorite carrier of the Nordics!

PostNord is undergoing a major transformation where the end goal is to become the favorite carrier of the Nordics. Competition on the parcel market is tough and changing rapidly.

We are committed to being an important part of Nordic society. We make everyday life easier and moresustainable for everyone who lives and works in the Nordic region. We deliver with care.

Our customer promise is to be present, reliable and sustainable.

We delivery parcels and letters

PostNord is the leader in parcel and logistics services to, from and within the Nordic region. We make sure that all private citizens and businesses in Denmark and Sweden receive their mail, regardless of where they live and work.

We have operations in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. The Group also includes Direct Link, which takes care of our international operations, and PostNord Strålfors, which works with channel-independent customer communication solutions for customers in the Nordic region.

The majority of the employees of the PostNord Group are production staff, i.e. terminal staff, mail carriers and drivers.

PostNord Group

PostNord Group is a Group company headquartered in Solna, just outside Stockholm in Sweden. A number of employees are also based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

PostNord Group comprises the Group Management and four Group functions: Nordic Strategy & Solutions, Legal & Staff Functions, IT and Finance. These functions deal at Group level with issues of strategy, business development, sustainability, legal conditions, brand, communication, HR, quality, security, compliance, IT infrastructure, digital solutions, automation, finance and financing.

The companies in the different countries have many of these functions as well, and work closely with PostNord Group on the associated assignments.


Diversity and inclusion

We are convinced that diversity produces a more attractive and dynamic workplace and lays the foundations for improved decisions in our business. Through a variety of projects and initiatives, we strive continuously to include our employees’ broad range of experience and skills.

Our aim is to make everyday life easier!

PostNord is for everyone, and it is therefore essential that our staff accurately reflect our diverse society. We appreciate having staff with wide variety of experiences and skills, and we are convinced that diversity is essential in developing and improving our business.

Trust and respect for one another

Our Code of Conduct stipulates what we expect from each other, and what our customers can expect from us. Simply put, it is a matter of us behaving decently and doing what we have decided to do. It’s all about trust. About keeping our promises.


Given that we are part of a logistics sector which, historically, has attracted more men than women, it is important that we strive to include both men and women on our short lists of candidates when recruiting.

We regularly initiate dialogues on diversity and inclusion, not only in our manager and talent programs, but also in our broader cultural development activities.

Our everyday life

A good, safe working day

Here at PostNord, we are committed to a safe and healthy working environment, were our staff and our production apparatus constitute the focal point of our everyday operations. We are proud that our working environment has been certified in accordance with the globally recognized OHSAS standard. We ask each other questions about our working day via employee surveys and WPAs (WorkPlace Assessments), and we always follow up on industrial injuries. All with a view to becoming better.

A shared responsibility

We can only become better if we involve both managers and employees in establishing a safe and healthy working environment. That is why we expect you, as an employee, to shoulder your share of the responsibility; you can be sure that we, as a company, are doing our part.

Our OHAS policy

PostNord has a policy for occupational health and safety. This policy sets out the overarching framework for our work with a holistically oriented and promotional approach to activities in the field of occupational health and safety. Fundamentally, PostNord’s work with OHAS is founded on the PostNord Code of Conduct (PDF).

Compliance with the applicable legislation and reinforcement of the shared work to create a safe and healthy working environment, with a health-promotion perspective, is to be ensured through focus on employee well-being.

We conduct annual well-being surveys and we regularly evaluate our input and results with the objective of improving on an ongoing basis.

Find out more about some of us

The PostNord Group is staffed by around 28,000 fantastic people. In the magazine People by PostNord, a number of them talk about their background, why they are passionate about their work and what they do in their free time to “recharge their batteries”.

People by PostNord is published twice a year in Danish, English, Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish. It is delivered to most of the Group’s employees at their home address.

Award-winning magazine

The magazine has taken home silver at the prestigiousSwedish Design Awards on two occasions, and also won silver at The Publishing Prize awards ceremony in 2021! It has also been nominated for a number of international awards.

Whistleblower scheme

PostNord operates a whistleblower scheme. The purpose of the scheme is to provide employees of PostNord Danmark and the other companies in the Group with the opportunity to report significant irregularities committed by persons in managerial positions.

The whistleblower scheme is also open to people who are not employed by PostNord.

To find out more about the whistleblower scheme and to access the reporting form, click Whistleblower.​