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Our tools

Use our tools to make calculations and bookings, place orders and search for letters, parcels, pallets, addresses, zip codes, delivery times, etc. You can also generate invoicing data, mailshots and your own postcards. 
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App PostNord

You can keep an eye on your delivery with the PostNord app. Proof of collection or delivery, delivery times and partner outlet details. Everything you need to know about your parcel is available in your phone.

To App PostNord$To App PostNord

Customer Portal

Sign up as a service agreement customer and get access to our web-based Customer Portal. Via the portal you can keep watch on your deliveries and invoices, view statistics, compare costs and much more.

To Customer Portal$To Customer Portal

Find postcode

Search for Danish postal codes.

To Find postcode$To Find postcode

Find us

Find post offices and opening hours. And you can also find P.O boxes, pakkebokse and other places where you can meet us. Search and show on map. Enter address, postal code or city.

To Find us (in Danish)$To Find us (in Danish)


Here you will find a variety of forms that you will need when sending letters in larger portions. And you will also find pressure on PP shipments, unsolicited reply shipments and other pressures.

To Forms (in Danish)$To Forms (in Danish)


Buy postage online.

To Netbutikken$To Netbutikken

Order labels

Order of labels for mail containers.

To Order labels (in Danish)$To Order labels (in Danish)

Order pickup

Here you will find the various self-service functions to order pickup and transportation. You must have an agreement with PostNord to use the different collection options.

To Order pickup (in Danish)$To Order pickup (in Danish)

Order postbox

There are two options and one is a postbox for standard shipment and the other with extension of recommended letters – for both private and business.

To Order postbox (in Danish)$To Order postbox (in Danish)

Order Recipient pays the postage

Order of agreement for Recipient pays the postage (unpublished consignments).

To order Recipient pays the postage (in Danish)$To order Recipient pays the postage (in Danish)

Order tabs

Here you order tabs for Quickbreve and Breve.

To Order tabs (in Danish)$To Order tabs (in Danish)

Payment of VAT and customs duties

When you receive shipments from abroad delivered with us, where you have to pay customs and VAT to SKAT, you will receive a letter with information about the payment. Here you can pay VAT and customs.

To Payment of VAT and customs duties$To Payment of VAT and customs duties

Postage calculator

Find and calculate the price of the postage.

To Postage calculator$To Postage calculator

PostNord Developer

PostNord provides a range of API’s to facilitate integration with your back end systems. Integrate PostNord web services directly into your website, customs applications or e-commerce platform. Our API are easy to use and customizable to meet your shipping needs. 

To PostNord Developer$To PostNord Developer

Print postcodes

Here you will find a number of options for an overview of postal codes. Download and print cards or download files with postcodes.

To Print postcodes (in Danish)$To Print postcodes (in Danish)

Track and Trace

Track and Trace for Post Denmark, Budstikken, HIT and Transportgruppen.

To Track and Trace$To Track and Trace

UN number –​ Send dangerous goods

Transport of dangerous goods is associated with some risk. If your shipment contains dangerous goods that are not properly packaged or handled, both health and safety are threatened.

To UN number –​ Send dangerous goods (in Danish)$To UN number –​ Send dangerous goods (in Danish)