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Do you want to have a safe and healthy working environment? We ensure this at PostNord, as our employees and production equipment are the focal point every day.

A good and safe work day

We are proud to be certified regarding health and safety at work, pursuant to the globally recognized OHSAS standard. We talk to each other about our work situation, using employee surveys and workplace assessments, and we track occupational injuries. All in order to enable us to become even better. 

A mutual responsibility

We can only improve if our managers and employees are involved in creating a safe and healthy work environment. As this is a mutual responsibility, we expect that everybody take their share of responsibility to become involved in creating a safe and healthy work environment.  

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Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct specifies governing rules of behavior for the Group in the areas that are most important for us in ensuring sustainable business practices. 

PostNord Plus

Would you like to have active leisure time? 


Diversity makes a workplace more dynamic and makes our business to perform better.