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Five stamps with cakes for domestic letter and five motifs from the danish Golden Age for letters abroad.

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Souvenirsheet wins price

EUROPA stamp collectors have voted, and Denmark wins 1st price for the “Gamle postruter” (Ancient Postal Routes) from 2020. The souvenirsheet shows the first postal route between Copenhagen and Hamburg, after the birth of the danish postal service in 1624. Thank You for voting!

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Annemette Voss Fridthjof, winner of Den Store Bagedyst, 2013 (the danish equivalant of The Great British Bake Off), have created five cakes for PostNord. The motifs are photografed by Stine Christiansen and the face value is for ordinary letters in Denmark.

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The Golden Age

Five stamps that tells the story of the Golden Age in Denmark (around 1800-1850) and present examples of the numerous discoveries and works from that period in danish history.

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