Parcels during peak

2020-11-17 13:24

Updated on the 28th of December 2020

Clear desk and records

We have now made it through a highly demanding peak period, where we delivered more parcels from online shopping than ever before, breaking all our previous records. In fact, we have delivered more than 12 million parcels to addresses all over Denmark since the start of the peak period. This is over 4 million more parcels than the same period last year, representing growth of more than 35%. And we made sure they all made it safely to their recipients. We even took care of the ones that arrived after our Christmas deadline of December 20, ensuring that they were in place under the tree no later than December 24. Our staff put in a tremendous effort, and everyone went the extra mile as and when necessary. Thank you all for a magnificent Christmas period, where despite the record high volume of parcels, we all pulled together to make sure Christmas gifts and greetings arrived in time for the big day all over Denmark.

Return time

Over the coming days, customers will start returning parcels, and we are ready and waiting to receive them. The majority of our 1,600 collection points are located in general stores, and the most recent COVID restrictions have only affected around 60 of our post offices, which we have had to close. The parcels from these offices have been transferred to alternative collection points, and the customers have been informed. Go to the “Find us” page at or in our app and check the collection points where you can currently pick up parcels. We update the list of our open collection points on an ongoing basis.

To help with handling returns, we will be opening eight of our commercial drop-off points for your customers. These facilities have plenty of space and are easy to access. The drop-off points in questions are the ones in Copenhagen City, on Amager, in Gladsaxe, Slagelse and Holstebro, the Banegårdspladsen facility in Aarhus C, and the drop-off points in Aalborg and Roskilde. The opening hours and addresses are:

  • Copenhagen City Erhvervsindlevering, Pilestræde 58, 1112 Copenhagen K: 
    Opening hours: Monday through Wednesday, 3–6 p.m.
  • Amager Erhvervsindlevering, Oliefabriksvej 47, 2770 Kastrup: 
    Opening hours: Monday through Wednesday, 3–6 p.m.
  • Gladsaxe Erhvervsindlevering, Tobaksvejen 4, 2860 Søborg: 
    Opening hours: Monday through Wednesday, 4–6 p.m.
  • Slagelse Erhvervsindlevering, Nordvej 12, 4200 Slagelse: 
    Opening hours: Monday through Wednesday, 3–6 p.m.
  • Holstebro Erhvervsindlevering, Stationsvej 9, 7500 Holstebro: 
    Opening hours: Monday through Wednesday, 3–6 p.m.
  • Banegårdsplads Erhvervsindlevering V/Baghuset, Banegårdspladsen 1 A, 8000 Århus C: 
    Opening hours: Monday through Wednesday, 1–7 p.m.
  • Aalborg Erhvervscenter, Postmestervej 1, 9000 Ålborg: 
    Opening hours: Monday through Wednesday, 7 a.m.–6 p.m.
  • Roskilde Erhvervsindlevering, Industrivej 28, 4000 Roskilde: 
    Opening hours: Monday through Wednesday, 3–6 p.m.

Parcels for the Great Britain and Ireland

The Euro-tunnel has been re-opened, which means that it is possible to send parcels to Great Britain and Ireland again. On account of the long tailbacks, however, deliveries to addresses in these countries will take longer than normal.

Mailboxes secured against fireworks

Unfortunately, our famous red mailboxes are often the targets of vandalism involving fireworks between Christmas and the New Year, and this naturally affects our customers’ mail. We are therefore applying security locks to the mailboxes, preventing them from being opened as widely as usual. This allows us to keep fireworks and other pyrotechnics out, while still allowing people to post letters. The mailboxes can accept letters up to 1.4 cm thick, and the boxes will be emptied as usual. Letters that are too thick to post in mailboxes while they are secured can be sent from the nearest post office. The security locks will be removed again immediately after the New Year celebrations.


Updated on the 21st of December 2020

Our Christmas guarantee is built to last

So, we’re now past the deadline for handing in Christmas gifts that are to arrive by Christmas Eve. Sunday, December 20 was our deadline for submissions. We can’t guarantee that all parcels we receive now after Sunday will arrive by Christmas Eve. We’ve had an absolutely fantastic weekend, with 168% more parcels being processed by our sorting facility compared to the same weekend last year, and 1,000 employees have been out on the streets for extra shifts on Saturday and Sunday to deliver Christmas parcels. This means that we’re now looking at the final sprint before Christmas, where we're keeping up the pace and can guarantee that parcels handed to us no later than yesterday (December 20) will likely arrive by Christmas Eve.

Few collection points affected by restrictions

We are also ready to distribute Christmas gifts from our strong network of 1,600 collection points, which will largely be unaffected by the latest restrictions in the run-up to Christmas. Only five collection points are closed. And when all the restrictions come into force and more stores have to close, then a total of 60 of our collection points will close for a period. When one of our post offices or collect shops closes, the parcels are moved to an open collection point close by, and customers are notified directly via text message and email. If the customer has received notification in their mailbox about the parcel, then there may be few cases where we cannot provide notice, apart from via a sign at the store that is closed. You can also always go to the “Find us” page at or in our app and see the collection points where parcels can currently be picked up.

Delivery on December 23

When we take parcels out with us for delivery on December 23, there will unfortunately be some we are unable deliver at the home address. We will deliver until 16:00 on 23 December, and after that parcels will be delivered to a nearby post office for collection the same day. And, of course, the customer will be notified immediately. When parcels have been delivered to the post office, consumers have at least two hours to pick up their parcel. However, the vast majority of post offices will be open very late on 23 December so that customers can pick up their parcels.


Updated on the 17th of December 2020

Distribution of parcels

As you no doubt know, the whole of Denmark has new restrictions. Before Christmas, first shopping malls and then liberal professions must close. This will only affect the distribution of PostNord parcels to a limited extent. The vast majority of our collection points are located in grocery stores, so it will still be possible to collect parcels from them as such stores will remain open. If any of them do have to close down, the parcels there will be moved to nearby collection points that are still open, and customers will be notified immediately. After Christmas, all other non-essential stores will close and only grocery stores will be allowed to remain open between December 25 and January 3. We will soon provide more information about how that situation will be handled.

As of today, re-delivery of business parcels will no longer be possible. All parcels that cannot be delivered to the address will be returned. Note that your customers can issue one-time authorizations to ensure delivery.

As we currently have record-breaking parcel volumes, it is not possible to store parcels that cannot be delivered to closed businesses at the moment. This means that all B2B parcels that cannot be delivered to closed businesses in the coming weeks will be returned to the sender.

Collection points – under control

As mentioned, the vast majority of our collection points are located in grocery stores, so we will therefore only be affected by the shutdown to a limited extent. All stores with parcel collection services are allowed to remain open. We expect that most of our partners will make use of this exception. We are in close consultation with all our collection points and maintain an updated list of closed stores. The collection points that decide not to stay open for parcel collections will immediately be removed from the API, so that your customers can no longer choose them.

Christmas deadline December 20

The new restrictions are likely to further boost online Christmas shopping in Denmark. In the last few weeks, we have already had record-breaking parcel volumes that are 35-40% higher than in the same period last year. There are a lot of parcels to deliver, so longer delivery times should generally be expected. In this regard, please remember that we have a very strict deadline on Sunday if you want to ensure that your Christmas parcels arrive by December 24. To help you hand in your last parcels before the deadline, 19 of our business drop-off points will also be open this Sunday. Their addresses and opening hours are listed here.

Delivery of pallets and groupage

At PostNord, we connect Denmark and are part of the country’s critical infrastructure. This means that we will continue to distribute pallets and groupage throughout the country, including between Christmas and New Year. Due to the restrictions and the extraordinary circumstances, despite a diligent effort from our drivers, delays can unfortunately occur. We naturally hope for understanding in this situation. 

Consignments that cannot be delivered due to closure at the recipient will be returned to the sender, but due to the situation we unfortunately do not have the opportunity to contact the sender before this happens. However, we also ensure that our customers can view the status of their consignment to the greatest possible extent via our self-service solutions and customer portal.

Parcels for the Netherlands, Germany and Lithuania

The deadline for sending parcels to countries in Europe for arrival before Christmas has now passed. But our customers who are still currently sending parcels to recipients in other European countries need to be aware of the fact that several countries are undergoing extensive shutdowns again. In many cases this also affects the collection points in the DPD network, via which PostNord’s business customers can send parcels to other European countries. Specifically, the Netherlands, Germany and Lithuania have shut down at the moment – but more countries may join them soon. The situation in such countries is considered to be force majeure, which means that parcels sent to collection points that are currently closed in e.g. Germany or the Netherlands will be returned to the sender without the possibility of having the postage refunded. It is also not possible to have the parcels redirected to other collection points in such closed-down countries. However, it is still possible to have parcels delivered to home addresses. It is therefore highly recommended to send all parcels destined for such closed-down countries in Europe using home delivery (i.e. as Home parcels) in the future.

COVID-19 facts

95% of all parcels for delivery to a home address are delivered on the first attempt. So, at present, only 5% of parcels are subsequently sent to the post office for collection there. This historically low number, almost half of the “normal” percentage for undelivered parcels, is due to the many Danes who are staying at home due to COVID-19 restrictions. 


Updated on the 10th of December 2020

Christmas deadline for parcels moved to 20 December

As parts of Denmark are now being subjected to additional restrictions, people are doing even more Christmas shopping online. Quite exceptionally, we are now on week two after Black Friday and still have parcel volumes of up to 600,000 items per day. The new restrictions are contributing to another push upwards to record-breaking parcel volumes, with no end to the increase yet in sight. Due to the continuously high parcel volumes, it is no surprise that more parcels are taking longer than usual to arrive. We have therefore deciding to move the deadline for submitting parcels for delivery before Christmas, to 20 December. We strongly encourage Danish consumers to do their online Christmas shopping in good time, and we will do everything we can to ensure that everything arrives by Christmas Eve.

We had already put 450 extra vehicles and employees on the streets, and are now continually taking on extra staff, moving employees from other areas to parcel distribution, running sorting machines around the clock and delivering parcels until well into the evening, including at weekends. And 20 business drop-off points will be open for handing in parcels on Sunday 20 December, so that as many people as possible can have their parcels sent off by the new deadline, in time for Christmas Eve.

Expect longer delivery times

The record quantities of parcels being handled also mean that you should expect parcels to take longer than usual to arrive. And it's not only busy in Denmark, as our colleagues abroad also have to handle large volumes of parcels, so there are longer delivery times for international parcels as well. This applies to parcels both to and from Denmark.

Parcels for gyms and restaurants that are closed

The closure of parts of Denmark also means that places such as gyms and restaurants are now closed. If we have a parcel for any such closed establishments, we will still try to deliver it. If this is unsuccessful, the parcel will be made available at a post office or at one of our business drop-off points, and the recipient will be notified of this. Due to the current very large volume pf parcels, it is not possible for us to provide the “Retention of parcels” service during the period of closure.

Call us during off-peak hours

We are also experiencing considerable pressure on our customer service, where waiting times can be long. We ask for your understanding in this regard and encourage you to call during off-peak hours, when it is somewhat less busy. Please note that our customer service for businesses is open 24 hours a day until Christmas.


Updated on the 7th of December 2020

38% more parcels than last year

Week 49 was in all respects a week of records at PostNord. During the week, we have had several days with well over 600,000 parcels passing through our terminals – and overall, in the week following Black Friday, we handled 38% more parcels than last year. We’re setting record after record, and this has obviously put our entire organization under incredible pressure, but we have prepared well and have managed to maintain control. With so many parcels, it’s inevitable that not all of them can arrive the next day, and some parcels will be on the road for a few extra days. However, the vast majority of parcels still arrive the day after we received them. This weekend, we have had our mail carriers out on the streets to maintain the efficient flow of parcels and to get ready for what already looks like another record week. Also, 890,000 parcels passed through our parcel terminals – that’s more than the weekend after Black Friday.

Full speed ahead at the post offices

Of course, the very large volumes of parcels have also affected our collection points. In week 49 alone, we put 900,000 parcels on the shelves at PostNord’s 1,600 post offices – the busiest day was Tuesday, December 1, with more than 160,000 parcels.

PostNord’s 1,600 parcel lockers have also been in constant use, with over 110,000 parcels being placed in them last week. In Århus, we have opened PostNord’s largest parcel locker facility for physical deliveries and as a means of taking the burden off stores in Århus Central Station, and we can see that this is something consumers have embraced.

This year, PostNord has opened approximately 20 own HUBs and depots, partly to unburden the collection points, but also to deliver the largest parcels via our own collection points. These parcels otherwise take up a lot of space in the stores, and we ensure in this way that as many customers as possible can have their parcels delivered to their desired store.

To help the stores control the influx of customers and comply with the coronavirus restrictions, the stores have been allowed to scan the parcels on the shelf continuously throughout the day during this peak period. On the days when the pressure has been highest, this has meant that a maximum of 4% of the parcels have been delayed, such that customers have not been able to pick up their parcels until the following morning.

It has also been necessary to divert parcels from individual stores with limited capacity. On the busiest days, this has concerned a maximum of around 40 stores out of the 1,600. There has been a fantastic collaboration with the chains, such as COOP, Salling Group, Dagrofa and Løvbjerg, to ensure the necessary capacity, and every day we have driven out new shelves to stores where an extra corner has been found for the many parcels.

Customer Service

The many parcels also mean many more inquiries being directed at our Customer Service personnel. We have extra people ready to help, and our Customer Service is open every day until Christmas – yes, even around the clock for our business customers. Still, there may be times when we get so many inquiries that we cannot respond quite as quickly as we would like to. We know the wait can feel long, but we’re working as fast as we can and hope for your understanding during this busy period.


Updated on the 2nd of December 2020

Black Friday sets new records

With more than 2 million parcels having being submitted for distribution since Saturday, we now have a record number of parcels to deliver.

We are doing everything we can to ensure that all the parcels arrive on time, but there may be a few that take an extra day or two. However, all the parcels will arrive and we hope you can be a little bit patient with us for the next few days.

The post offices are also very busy, and it may take longer than usual before you are notified that your parcels are ready for collection. When they are ready for collection, we ask you to please pick them up as soon as possible, so that there is room for everyone’s parcels in the stores.

The large volume of parcels means that there are many more inquiries being made to customer service than usual as well. We will answer every call, but response times are a little longer than normal at the moment. We know the waiting time can feel long, but we are working as fast as we can and hope for your understanding during this busy period. If your question is about a parcel, please have the parcel ID number ready.

You can always find out about the current location and progress of your parcels at and in the PostNord app.


Updated on the 1st of December 2020

Send on Sunday, and we deliver on Monday

This Christmas, when everyone is extremely busy with parcels, PostNord has a great offer for business customers. This is that, as a special service, 19 business drop-off points across Denmark will be open every Sunday until Christmas. Here you can easily and quickly hand in your parcels, so your customers get their goods on the Monday. This helps you give your customers good service, and you also process the entire weekend’s turnover already on Sunday. The list of drop-off locations open on Sundays, and their opening hours, is available at

Black Friday sets new parcel records

Shopping really got going on Black Friday, and around 600.000 parcels passed through our parcel terminals at one day. That’s a record number for one day! And the parcels from Black Friday are continuing to flood in, so we are expecting the coming days to be even busier. We have prepared thoroughly, and have more than 450 additional vehicles out on the streets to ensure that all the parcels arrive as expected. Despite the record quantities, the vast majority of parcels are being delivered on time, but there may be a few that take a little longer than usual to get there.


Updated on the 25’th of November 2020

Safe and secure collection of parcels

At PostNord, we’re doing everything we can to ensure that Danes have a safe and merry Christmas – even when a record number of parcels need to be picked up. Naturally, the retail trade has the authorities’ attention right now due to the crowding that may result when people come to pick up the large quantities of parcels. That is why we, together with our retail partners, have pulled out all the stops to make the collection situation as safe and secure as possible. We already have Denmark’s strongest network, with 1,600 post offices and 1,600 parcel lockers, and in addition the following initiatives have been carried out:

New and additional locations:

  • 20 business collection points spread all over Denmark are ready to go, so parcels can also be picked up from them. Our business collection points have the capacity for large volumes and will therefore play a key role in taking the burden off post offices during the forthcoming peak period.
  • 1,000 new parcel lockers opened since Christmas 2019
  • 5 large new parcel towers at Bilka to be ready before Christmas, for parcels from PostNord
  • 10 large Silvan stores throughout the country have been prepared as collection points for PostNord parcels
  • Denmark’s largest parcel locker at Aarhus Railway Station

Measures taken at the post offices: 

  • Post offices to deliver parcels from nearby retail premises to reduce crowding
  • Separate parcel delivery from warehouses, café areas, containers, etc. in existing post offices to ensure safe delivery
  • Temping agency for urgent help in the stores
  • COVID 19 signature upon delivery – no physical contact
  • The post offices can scan parcels for the shelf all day to better manage customer flows in the store
  • Through small events, we are encouraging customers to pick up parcels during the stores’ off-peak hours, when there is more space
  • Signs urging customers to get their ID and 4-digit code ready while waiting
  • Material for the stores’ Facebook pages about collecting parcels quickly
  • We are encouraging consumers to buy parcel labels online via the PostNord app so they can quickly get a label printed for sending parcels

Collect parcels with new driving license app

The Danish authorities have just introduced a new driving license app that can also be used as valid ID. So it will also be possible for your customers to collect parcels at PostNord by presenting their digital driving license. It’s easy and safe.  


Updated on the 20’th of November 2020

Filled parcel boxes and post offices – inform your customers in advance

One of the things that we know in advance will be a challenge is full parcel boxes. These parcel boxes are a very popular pick-up location, and we are constantly installing more of them. However, the large quantities of parcels mean that some of your customers will have their parcels redirected to a nearby post office. The post offices will also be under volume pressure, which is why customers may also have to collect parcels from a different post office than the selected one. To facilitate this, we therefore encourage you to mention in advance that it might not always be possible to collect parcels from the selected location. This applies to both parcel boxes and collection points. It is recommended to state this information when customers choose a delivery location in the check out process.

More information is available here

1 week to go until Black Friday – are you ready?

With only one week to go until Black Friday, we are currently fine-tuning the final details so that we are fully-prepared for what is expected to be an all-time-high Black Friday.

Black Friday – what preparations have been made?

We have implemented a large number of initiatives to help us manage the parcel flow and, not least, to relieve the pressure on collection points. There will be more parcel delivery staff, some Christmas helpers at the post offices, and more vehicles and bicycles on the roads to deliver the numerous parcels to the homes of consumers and to our many collection points.

During calendar week 49, we will provide additional assistance to selected post offices across the country. This involves “rewarding” customers who pick up their parcels outside the busiest periods. We have prepared a little thank you for the help. The activity is being done in collaboration with the busiest post offices. We hope we can thereby increase awareness about the importance of picking up parcels either early or late in the day. This means less queuing and makes it easier to keep your distance.

From Tuesday November 24 – i.e. a month before Christmas – customers can enter their Track & Trace parcel number at www and immediately see if they have won. The link to the competition can be seen on the start page of from Tuesday. We are giving away 1,000 boxes of Anthon Berg chocolate and 10 giant Gold Bars just before Christmas. The aim is to create awareness of the parcel number, and to get parcels collected quickly. We are aware that post offices will have to handle large quantities of parcels, so the faster customers can collect them, the more space there will be on the shelves. The most important aspect, however, is ensuring that we take care of ourselves and each other in this time of corona.

On Monday, we will also start a nationwide campaign focusing on our delivery staff, who will be extremely busy in the upcoming period. We are ready and look forward to meeting both you and the customers out there with a smile.


Updated on the 17’th of November 2020

Set for a record-breaking Christmas

With Black Friday and the peak period just around the corner, PostNord is ready to move up a gear and handle the large volume of parcels that all the forecasts are predicting. We are already at a high level with significant volumes, and are currently expecting the peak period to have up to 30% more parcels than last year. We will thus go beyond all previous years – both in terms of the number of parcels that have to be delivered and also in terms of ensuring a safe Christmas, as in the midst of the greatest capacity pressure ever we also have to make sure everything is done safely with regard to corona. We have therefore loaded up with extra staff and equipment, and implemented measures to control parcel flows and relieve the load on collection points. 

  • 450 extra parcel couriers
  • 250 Santa’s helpers as an extra help
  • 450 extra delivery vehicles
  • 100 extra electric bikes

Furthermore, there will be around 200 extra local parcel lockers available, and collection points across the country have been upgraded with extra parcel scanners, parcel racks and even enlarged premises. All sails are set to create a safe and merry Christmas, with us handling record-breaking quantities of parcels while at the same time taking good care of our employees, customers and partners. However, there will be days during which we have to deliver up to 600,000 parcels in just a single day, and at such times it is inevitable that there will be a few parcels that perhaps take one to two days longer to arrive. We hope for your understanding in this regard during the busy Christmas season. However, we will do our best to ensure that parcels get through as quickly as possible, and that they all arrive before Christmas.  

Useful information about Christmas deliveries is available at (in Danish), including details of last posting dates and corona-secure options for you and your customers. One of the most useful recommendations is to use PostNord’s free app to, for example, track your parcels, sign up for Unattended Delivery (Modtagerflex) and check submission deadlines.  


Updated on the 4’th of November 2020

Hitting the peak 

There are a lot of parcels around at the moment. Last week, just over 50 percent more parcels passed through our terminals compared to the same week last year. This equates to an amount similar to the volume handled in calendar week 51 last year. So already in calendar week 44, we hit the peak levels from last year. Those who believe that the peak has already started are therefore probably quite right. It will be exciting to see how high we go. We are anyway in good shape to handle even more parcels. Plans have been drawn up, we have more vehicles, and additional staff have been hired. We are looking forward to the challenge. 

COVID-19 shuts down France

Several European countries have once again begun to shut down in the fight against COVID-19. In France, this means that 30% of the distribution points we use via the DPD network are now temporarily closed. For our business customers who send parcels to France via this network, fewer distribution points than usual are therefore available. The closed distribution points have been removed from the API and are therefore not visible at the moment, and cannot be selected as distribution points. If you are a business customer and have sent a parcel to a distribution point in France that has just closed, the parcel will be returned. Parcels can still be sent to France via the DPD network for home delivery. 

Post offices are still open in France, and mail can generally still be sent to France via the postal network. However, longer delivery times are to be expected due to COVID-19. 

We are constantly monitoring whether the COVID-19 restrictions in different countries affect the distribution of letters and parcels there. The latest information is available on our website.


Updated on the 28th of October 2020

Rapid development in Danish parcels

Following last Friday’s press conference and the most recent statement from the Danish Prime Minister regarding new restrictions to combat COVID-19, we have witnessed a rapid rise in the number of parcels processed. Over the past week, there have been days where we handled fully 44 percent more parcels than at the same time last year. The remarkable growth is primarily attributable to parcels from Danish companies. Looking at domestic parcels in isolation, the increase has reached as high as 59 percent. With purchases of items such as face masks, it is clear that Danish consumers have been quick to start preparing for the new restrictions to come into effect. There are also many consumers who have begun a kind of “comfort shopping”, now that it has again become clear how great an impact COVID-19 restrictions are having on everyday life.

More parcels to Collect Shops

Another slightly surprising trend this week is for a large number of Danish consumers to have ordered their parcels for shipment to one of our collection points. This is a completely opposite reaction in relation to the previous COVID-19 trend, where home delivery was the most common choice for parcel recipients. We anticipate that the division between parcels for collection and home delivery will change once more, with an increasing number of Danish customers choosing to have parcels delivered to their homes during the coming peak.


Updated on the 22nd of October 2020

Frozen holiday funds and large volume of parcels

As you know, COVID-19 continues to affect all parts of Danish society, and the epidemic will also have a major impact on Christmas shopping as a whole – including online. We expect even more people than usual to buy their Christmas gifts online, and we all face the prospect of a tremendously busy period in the coming months. As part of the run-up to Christmas, we have been waiting in great anticipation to see how the payment of frozen holiday funds would affect consumer behavior – particularly in relation to their online purchases.

We can see a marked increase – of 15% – in our own parcel volumes that came immediately after the frozen holiday funds were opened up for payment. At present, just over DKK 40 billion has been paid out of the total of DKK 59 billion in the account, and high consumer activity is being reported in many sectors. This indicates that many Danes have already put their frozen holiday funds into circulation and are saving them for Christmas and Black Friday to a lesser extent than expected. However, we still have a clear expectation that this Christmas will break all records for Christmas shopping online. Work with a large number of you is proceeding smoothly in preparation for this anticipated influx.

A Christmas focusing on safe delivery

One of our major focal areas regarding this year’s Christmas shopping is to ensure Danes remain safe while having their parcels delivered in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. We are currently in a close dialogue with our partners in the retail trade on how we can help manage the flow of customers to our drop-off points so that delivery can take place safely, with the appropriate social distancing.

We will also be opening pop-up drop-off points, so we can redistribute the flow of customers from several of our large drop-off points to temporary drop-off points with more space. However, this may mean that some of your customers will not be picking up their PostNord parcels where they usually do. Safety will also be the core message in our communication with consumers, and we will provide plenty of good advice on how to get your parcel delivered in a corona-safe way. This will include telling them about home delivery, Modtagerflex (Recipient Flex) and our solutions that ensure contactless delivery of parcels from PostNord.