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Domestic letter service for individuals

Quickbreve Private

Quickbreve is a more expensive product than Letters Private, but the letters arrive sooner – just one day after being mailed.

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Benefits with Quickbreve Private

  • Fast – delivered to the recipient on the working day after being mailed.
  • Flexible – the letter can weigh up to 2 kg, so you can send everything from thin letters to thick books.
  • Relationship retention – send a personal greeting or invitation to family and friends.
When you want the letter to arrive quickly

Quickbreve is our quickest letter service. Quickbreve letters can be sent within Denmark and they arrive on the first working day after being posted.

Quickbreve can weigh up to 2 kg. If you need to send heavier consignments, you can use one of our parcel products instead. If it is not urgent, you can instead send the letter as a Letter Private. These arrive within five working days of being posted. They are also cheaper.


Quickbreve should be handed in at a post office. Remember to check which posting times apply at your post office - click and check Find us (in Danish).

Postage and labeling

Postage for Quickbreve is paid using special stamps, which you can buy at the post office or in our online store.

You can also purchase postage codes via Mobilporto or Online Brevporto. If you use postage codes for Quickbreve letters, write “Q” to the left of the postage code.

With the Mobilporto app, you always have the right postage on hand. The Mobilporto app can be downloaded for free from the App Store or Google Play.

With Online Brevporto, you can, for example, purchase multiple codes at the same time, and upload your logo when printing labels.


Download our pricelist  (pdf in Danish).

Delivery quality

Letter quality is the proportion of letters delivered to the right recipient at the right time. With more than 95% correct, our current letter quality for Quick Letters is among the highest in the world. PostNord’s goal is that letter quality is always at least 95%.

Please note, that there is no tracking on ordinary letters and Quickletters. If you need this kind of service, you must choose either Registered Letter or Parcel.

Dimensions for Quickbreve with stamps or postage codes

Minimum9 x 14 cm
MaximumLength 60 cm (and length + width + height/thickness = 90 cm)

The following dimensions apply for rolls and long items

MinimumLength 10 cm (and length + 2 x diameter or length + 2 x height = 104 cm)
MaximumLength 90 cm (and length + 2 x diameter or length + 2 x height = 17 cm)


If you have any questions, please contact us

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