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Send letters and postcards

Tools and services

Easily start sending letters and parcels

Online Porto

With the Online Porto shipping tool, you can easily start sending letters and parcels. Describe what you need to send and get suggestions on which service best suits your needs. Pay the shipping costs easily using a credit card and then print the shipping document.

Buy your stamps and package labels here


In our online store, you can buy stamps or postage paid packaging with a few quick clicks, so that you always have the postage required for your parcels and letters.

Registered Mail

When you want the recipient to sign for the letter.


When you want to send something valuable.

Find postcode or address

Find postcode or address

Fill in the details you know and we'll do the rest.

Get a price

Get a price

Find and compare the best value services.

Letters and services


Letters Private

If you prioritize price over speed of delivery (the letter arrives within five working days).

Quickbreve Private

If you want the letter to arrive on the first working day after being posted.


With Postcards, your digital pictures are converted into a postcard that we print and deliver to and from the whole world.

Letters abroad Private

If you want to send letters to destinations outside Denmark.

Letters and services


Letters Business

A low cost option if you are not in a hurry and are sending fewer than 3,000 items.

Quickbreve Business

When your business wants letters to arrive quickly.

Erhvervsbreve (Business Letters)

If you are sending a lot of letters with individual content at the same time, such as account statements, invoices, demands for payment or other commercial correspondence.

Letters abroad Business

Fast and reliable delivery of individual letters or larger shipments to the entire world.

Get more time for your core business activities

Franking service

Save the time required for franking and the costs of a franking machine, and automatically get the cheaper PP postage if your daily number of letters exceeds 250, by allowing us to take care of the franking of your letters.

Letter service for businesses

Digital letter

Do you want your customers, suppliers and employees to be able to receive letters from your company directly in their e-Boks digital letterboxes? This is possible with PostNord’s e-Boks solutions.

Sorted International Mail

If you are sending multiple different letters at the same time.