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Product and price changes in 2022

A number of changes are set to come into effect on January 1, 2022. These changes affect the agreements you have with us regarding letters, parcels, pallets, groupage, courier deliveries and Express Mail Service. You can read information about the various changes below. For details, see the associated price lists and fact sheets, as well as the special terms and conditions for 2022.

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New prices for domestic and international letters, Mail Services and related services
Click the link below to see the new prices.

Sorteret Udlandspost B Economique ceases
From the turn of the year, it will no longer be possible to send Sorteret Udlandspost, B Economique.

Expanded period for Special Delivery
We are changing the terms for Special Delivery to expand the period in which we deliver to 60 minutes.

Easier procedure for Recommended letters and Confirmation of delivery
As from October 2021 we will be providing improved solutions via PacSoft and other TA systems. For our Recommended service, you no longer have to frank the letter when creating a label, and in future you can select “Confirmation of delivery” in PacSoft. This gives you a range of benefits in relation to the previous solution.


New prices for Parcels in 2022
Prices, charges and supplements for a wide range of parcel products are all set to change in 2022; click the link below for details.

Home delivery on Saturdays
As from April 2022, we will be starting home delivery on Saturdays for private recipients in the four largest cities in Denmark: Copenhagen, Aarhus, Aalborg and Odense. This provides greater flexibility for your customers who shop online on Fridays.

More accurate delivery time for recipients
As from February 2022, we will be able to provide recipients with more accurate information about the time of day we will be delivering their parcels to their home address. At the moment, we can say what day we will be coming, but in future we will be able to give them a 4-hour delivery window. This means greater freedom for private recipients who have not registered for our Recipient Flex solution.

Smart, more sustainable return solution saves labels
As from the beginning of 2022, we will be providing yet another return option that is simple for consumers to use, and which saves on printing labels. Prepared Return is a 2-in-1 solution that makes it possible to return parcels with their original MyPack label.

Drop off mail later at selected post offices and business drop-off points
From autumn 2021, we will be introducing later drop-off times at selected post offices and business drop-off points, making it easier for you to generate more revenue during the working day.

New option of ad hoc parcel collection
As from the start of next year, you can use our new Ad hoc pickup service to have up to three parcels collected for DKK 15 – even if you do not have a pickup contract.

Climate compensation on all Danish B2C parcels
As of January 1, “Climate Compensation” is included in the price of all domestic MyPack Home and Collect B2C parcels (applies to Business, Business Premium and Business Premium Plus customers).

Holding period reduced from 14 to 7 days
In the new year, the deadline for collecting parcels from post offices will be reduced from 14 days to seven. Uncollected parcels will therefore be returned after seven days.

Changes to the bar code type to the Faroe Islands, Greenland and Iceland
Starting in January 2022, the bar code type for consignments to the Faroe Islands, Greenland and Iceland will be changed from SSCC to S10. As a result, customs clearance will have to be paid for by the recipient rather than the sender, and you will need to change the setup in your TA system.

Fewer countries can receive Express Mail Service
In 2002, we will be reducing the number of countries to which you can send Express Mail Service (EMS) consignments.

Discontinuation of supplementary services Notification by Letter and ID Check
As from the new year, it will no longer be possible to use our Notification by Letter and ID Check services.

Pallets and Groupage

Prices and supplementary services on Pallets and Groupage for Denmark and the Nordic region unchanged
The prices you pay will remain the same in 2022 unless your shipping profile changes significantly.

More accurate delivery time for recipients
We have made it possible for both your commercial and private customers to be given a 2-hour delivery window on the delivery day.

Digital pallet exchange included on “My Page”
For users who exchange pallets with their recipients, we have developed a digital, EDI-controlled system that makes it quick and easy to check their balance on “My Page”.

Additional features on “My Page”
As from Autumn 2021, “My Page” has been expanded to include new booking options for your consignments, as well as updated access to information about them.

New requirements on EDI data 
In 2022, it will be mandatory to state the length, height and width of your groupage consignments, as well as the weight of your pallets.

Courier and InNight

New prices for Courier & InNight in 2022
As a consequence of developments on the market, we will be increasing the prices of our Courier and InNight deliveries. Prices will be increased by 5.2%. 

We’re expanding our fast, green cycle courier solution
We are expanding our cycle courier service, which means that in 2022 you can look forward to a faster and more flexible solution where we guarantee pickup within 30 minutes in large areas of Copenhagen.