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Product and price changes in 2023

Notification of changes to products and prices in 2023

A number of changes are set to come into effect on January 1, 2023. These changes affect the agreements you have with us regarding letters, parcels, pallets, groupage, courier deliveries and the Express Mail Service (EMS). You can read information about the various changes below. For details, see the associated price lists and fact sheets, as well as the Special Terms and Conditions for 2023.


The Customer Agreement

Conditions concerning limitation of compensation to be transferred from your Customer Agreement to the Special Terms and Conditions for Parcels.

Your current customer agreement contains the following section:

Compensation for Parcels and EMS International Express

For the Customer’s domestic and international consignments sent by MyPack, PostNord Parcel and PostNord Return (PostNord Return Pickup, PostNord Return Drop Off and PostNord Pickup Request) and EMS International Express, it has been agreed that the limit sum (i.e. the maximum amount of compensation) in PostNord’s Special Terms and Conditions for Parcels, PostNord’s Special Terms and Conditions for EMS International Express and NSAB 2015 is to be waived such that PostNord will pay compensation up to the amount of DKK 4,800 per parcel in the event of the loss, depreciation or damage of one or more of the Customer’s parcels for which PostNord is responsible. 

In the event of full or partial loss or depreciation of, or damage to, one or more batches of the Customer’s parcels/EMS consignments, or parts thereof, the maximum sum of the individual compensation payments attributable to the same event is to be DKK 30,000. The total compensation payable to the Customer in such an event therefore cannot exceed this sum.

The remaining terms and conditions concerning the payment of compensation, as stated in PostNord’s Special Terms and Conditions, NSAB 2015 and the Customer Agreement shall apply unchanged. In addition to this, however, it has been agreed that the payment of compensation for the loss of mobile phones, computer equipment and other electronic items is conditional upon the Customer informing PostNord of the IMEI number or the serial number of the lost equipment. Should the Customer fail to comply with this requirement, the Customer shall not be entitled to receive compensation.

The provisions in the present section may be cancelled by either party on one month’s written notice to the end of a month.

The section is terminated as of today’s date, such that the text will no longer appear in your customer agreement after January 1, 2023.

Corresponding conditions will instead be included in Section 2.15.2 of the Special Terms and Conditions for Parcels. The content remains unchanged – the text has simply been relocated.

Please find information about the respective areas of changes below.


New prices for domestic and international letters, Mail Services and related services
To view the new prices, click the link at the bottom of this section.

Franking service adds notification for Quick Letters
Today, notification regarding consignments of more than 1,000 letters or 300 Maxi-format letters must be submitted the day before drop-off. As from 2023, this will likewise apply to batches of at least 300 Quick Letters – i.e. notification of drop-off must be submitted one day in advance.

Letter pick-up
An extra day is to be added for the distribution of all letter products in cases where pick-up has been agreed later than 18:00. For details, see Section 2.1 of the Special Terms and Conditions for Transport.

New prices for mailboxes with forwarding
In future, your individual parcel price will be applied to forwarding, rather than a list price.

Please find prices, fact sheets and Special Terms and Conditions here


New prices for parcels in 2023
Prices, charges and supplementary services for a wide range of parcel products are all set to change in 2023. To view the new prices, click the link at the bottom of this section.

Sender’s compensation liability
Please note that the sender is responsible for informing the recipient of the terms and conditions of carriage in the event that the recipient bears responsibility for a consignment. Similarly, please note that the sender is responsible for indemnifying PostNord in full in such cases. Both aspects are clearly stated in Section 2.16 of the Special Terms and Conditions for Parcels.

Mandatory Flex Delivery for MyPack Home and Parcel consignments weighing more than 20 kg
As from the turn of the year, all MyPack Home and Parcel consignments weighing over 20 kg will be delivered via Flex Delivery, which means that if the recipient is not at home to receive the parcel, the parcel will be left at the address. The sender bears responsibility for any loss or damage to the parcel subsequent to delivery. If we cannot responsibly leave the parcel at the address, the parcel will be referred to a Business Drop-off point. This is explained in Section 2.8.1 of the Special Terms and Conditions for Parcels.

Change in the value limit for Insured Items
As from January 1, we will be raising the limit for when consignments containing jewelry, watches, gold, silver and other valuable items are to be sent as “Insured Items”. This means that in future, this designation will apply to consignments valued at DKK 4,800 or more (the previous limit was DKK 3,200).
Updated 2 December: We are lowering the maximum limit for the market value of Insured Items from DKK 100,000 to DKK 30,000.

Change to terms and conditions for the VOEC scheme
Starting in the first quarter of 2023, all single MyPack parcels sent to Norway under the VOEC scheme must be sent from your TA system with the supplementary service VOEC in order to avoid having to pay the customs clearance fee. We will contact you with additional information once the solution has been finalized.

We are discontinuing the Express Mail Service (EMS)
As from 2023, we will cease offering EMS consignments. In return, we have introduced new MyPack export prices for North America (United States and Canada) and for Asia (China, Hong Kong, Japan, Macao, South Korea and Taiwan).

We are expanding our home delivery on Saturdays
We are expanding the scope of our home deliveries to private recipients on Saturdays. Starting in the summer of 2023, this service will therefore also be available in Frederiksberg (2000) and Odense (5230). We are thus offering even greater flexibility to your customers who shop online on Fridays.
Updated 2 December: We temporarily close home delivery on Saturdays as of 1 January 2023

Photo documentation of home delivery
As from 2023, we are committed to enhancing security in the context of home deliveries. In practice, this means that your customers can use the PostNord app to see a photo of their parcel and where it has been delivered.

More parcels delivered in the evening
In the coming year, we will be delivering even more parcels in the evening in Copenhagen and Aarhus. At the same time, we will be introducing more precise notification for recipients, stating more accurately when their parcels will be delivered. This means that recipients will be given a four-hour delivery window (ETA), making it simpler for them to establish when they need to be home to receive their parcels.

Carbon offset on even more Danish B2C parcels
As of January 1, 2023, “Climate Compensation” will be included in the price of all domestic MyPack Home and Collect B2C parcels, as well as of all domestic Post parcels. “Climate compensation” ensures carbon offset of the journey made by the parcel from your warehouse in Denmark to the recipient.

Last stretch of home delivery to become emission-free
As from the spring of 2023, all MyPack Home and Parcel deliveries to your customers in the environmental zones of the four largest cities in Denmark (Copenhagen, Aarhus, Aalborg and Odense) will be made by electric vehicle, which means that the final section of the delivery journey will become emission-free.

We are adding more, greener collection points
Over the course of 2022, we have been testing a concept involving greener collection points in Aarhus. In 2023 we will be expanding the concept, adding more collection points to ensure emission-free transport of the parcels between the distribution center and the collection point. Similarly, your customers will be able to deposit unnecessary cardboard packaging for recycling and to collect their parcels on foot or by bicycle – and combine the collection run with a shopping trip.

Even more flexibility in our pick-up service
Over the course of 2023, we will be offering even greater flexibility in our pick-up solutions. We are well aware that you may have different needs in different periods, so we are now adapting our service to match your needs more precisely. This applies, for example, to our “Ad hoc pick-up” service, where you have the opportunity to book a pick-up for the same day. As regards to our 14–18 pick-up service, we will be offering the option to suspend this for a set period.

Documentation for pick-up
In 2023, we will be offering you documentation to confirm that we have picked up your parcels. In this way, we can ensure a smoother working relationship and even greater peace of mind for you as a PostNord customer.

Addition to changes. Text added 2 December

Introduction of fuel surcharge on BtC Parcels

For MyPack Home and MyPack Collect, we are introducing a variable fuel surcharge per parcel – similar to what is on PostNord Parcel today.

Like the rest of the transport industry, we are very vulnerable to fluctuations in fuel prices, and we have experienced that the fluctuations have become greater over the years – also within the current calendar year.  By indexing part of the transport prices against a fuel price index, greater transparency is created in pricing. The fuel surcharge for MyPack is based in the development in the average consumer price of diesel for the previous month up to publication.

Fuel surcharge and environment surcharge are combined into Energy surcharge

At PostNord Parcel, MyPack Home and MyPack Collect, fuel surcharges and environmental surcharges will be combined and henceforth called Energy surcharges.
The energy supplement thus consists of the variable fuel supplement (monthly index) and the fixed environmental supplement (3.25%). The calculations of the two original supplements are unchanged.
On your invoice specification, the Energy surcharge will appear as a total amount consisting of fuel surcharge and environmental surcharge.
There are no changes to PostNord Pallet, Express and Courier – you will continue to be charged separately for fuel surcharges and environmental surcharges.


Please find prices, fact sheets and Special Terms and Conditions here

Pallets and groupage

Change in the fee for “incorrect dimensions and weight”
The fee for having stated incorrect dimensions and/or weight will be increased from DKK 75 to DKK 99 as from January 1.

Statement of load meter
Please note that if the prices in the customer agreement are based on load meters, then the total load meterage of the goods must be stated on booking. This is explained in Section 1.2 of the Special Terms and Conditions for Pallet & Groupage.

Changes to Flex Delivery
In future, Pallet & Groupage consignments sent via Flex Delivery will be left at the nearest curb. This means that the client can no longer determine where the goods are to be placed.

Changes are also being made to the notification process for Pallet & Groupage services booked with Flex Delivery. We will inform your recipients of what they can expect when goods are delivered via Flex Delivery so that we can ensure the best possible recipient experience.

New look and new functions on “My Page”
“My Page” will be updated to feature a new design and new functions. You will also see new features for booking consignments, tracking and an optimized invoice overview. In addition, you will be able to see the expected time of arrival (ETA) of all your consignments.

New functions in pallet exchange
The digital pallet exchange system is being updated to include the option of having our drivers take more pallets with them than were originally booked. At the same time, you will have the option to book pallet exchange in combination with Flex Delivery. This will, however, require a separate agreement.

Flex Delivery – now for Dangerous Goods (ADR), too
It will be possible to choose Flex Delivery as an option for consignments containing Dangerous Goods (ADR). You can find out more about the specific regulations and requirements that apply in the Special Terms and Conditions for Dangerous Goods.    


Please find prices, fact sheets and Special Terms and Conditions here


New kilometer price
We are changing the price per kilometer driven (the kilometer price) for our Courier service as of January 1. Click the link below to see the new price.


Please find prices, fact sheets and Special Terms and Conditions here


Change in maximum weight for pallet goods
The weight limit for pallet goods sent via InNight is being reduced from the current maximum of 500 kg to 100 kg.


Please find prices, fact sheets and Special Terms and Conditions here

Road – Part/Full Loads

From January 1, we will be introducing a range of new supplementary services for our Part/Full Loads product. For example, it will be possible to book your consignments with time agreed delivery, delivery with lift and transport insurance. At the same time, you will have the option of booking consignments directly via “My Page.”