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Send/Preparatory activities

Returned letters

We do all we can to deliver your letters. But there may be several causes that mean we cannot deliver a letter. We mark all letters that we return to you with a returns stamp. It tells you why the recipient did not receive the letter.

Here you can see what the different returns stamps mean.

Unknown address

  • The address is inadequate/inaccurate
  • The recipient’s name is not on the mailbox
  • The recipient has moved and the new address is unknown or the forwarding service has expired
  • The recipient cannot be located

The consignment cannot be delivered

  • Street name/house number not found
  • The mailbox is full/missing/broken
  • The property is uninhabited/empty house/apartment
  • There is no building or it is a building under construction
  • It is not cleared of snow, there is a dangerous dog or other reason that prevents access

Other distributor

  • The consignment was originally distributed by, for example, Bladkompagniet or DAO

Delivery refused

  • The recipient refuses to accept delivery of the consignment

Do you need further advice or guidance?

You are always welcome to contact Customer Service at 70 11 12 30. We are available between 8 am and 5 pm on weekdays.