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Valuable items

If you want to send valuable items such as gold, silver, coins, banknotes or securities, you can do this safely using the Værdiforsendelse in Denmark and Værdipakke as international delivery.
Send valuables with Online Porto

With our valuable item service, you can send parcels with a value of up to DKK 30,000.

Do you want to make sure that valuable parcels are shipped safely? You can ensure this by using the valuable item service.


Each shipment can be tracked all the way to the final destination.


You can send value consignments both domestically and internationally.


Your consignments are insured up to the required amount.

How do I send such parcels?

Packaging and sealing

Valuable parcels must be properly packed, so that unauthorized persons cannot open the parcel without this being noticeable. Value consignments containing money and/or securities must be sealed using sealing wax, sealing tape or a safety bag. You also need shipping documents, which can be purchased at selected post offices or via the Online Porto shipping tool.


A value item can weigh up to 20 kg and has to meet the same size requirements as other parcels that can be sent without the need to have a customer service agreement.

Valuable parcels may contain goods with a value of up to DKK 30,000. 

The price for a value consignment consists of a basic fee, which is based on the weight, + DKK 20 per DKK 10,000 of the insured value.

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You can send value items to selected countries outside Denmark and from selected post offices.

Some countries have their own limits regarding the permitted maximum value of the content. You therefore have to state a value code, and the parcel’s value is printed on the packaging.

With Track & Trace, you can follow the parcel within Denmark, all the way until it is delivered to the recipient. Other countries have local Track & Trace solutions that can be used to track parcels. International parcels are delivered pursuant to local regulations, which are specific for each country. The receipt is usually retained by the local postal service.

Handing in and handing out

A receipt is issued when a value item is handed in at a post office, and value items can only be handed out and delivered in return for signed confirmation from the recipient. If the recipient is not at home, the item must be held at the post office. Pakkeboks parcel machines cannot be used for value items.

Contact us

Do you want to know more about sending valuable item? Please contact Customer Service.

Do you want to send value consignments within Denmark?

The relevant postage can be paid directly online.

Online Porto

With the Online Porto shipping tool, you can easily start sending letters and parcels. Describe what you need to send and get suggestions on which service best suits your needs. Pay the shipping costs easily using a credit card and then print the shipping document.