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Transport tool Business

Pacsoft Online

Our internet-based transport tool, which contains a number of smart functions, is free of charge for our contract customers.

Benefits with Pacsoft Online
  • Provides good control of all your domestic and international shipments.
  • Has numerous smart reporting and search functions.
  • Makes the administration of transports easier for you and your customers.
  • A free service for PostNord contract customers.
Provides you with a rapid overview of your shipments free of charge

Would you like to have better control of all your domestic and international shipments? With Pacsoft Online, you can provide faster service and achieve greater customer satisfaction at no extra cost.

You can track your shipments online using Pacsoft Online. It has numerous smart reporting and search functions and helps you quickly get an overview of all your shipments, wherever in the world they are going.

We receive information about shipments as soon as you print your shipping documents using the system. This means that both you and the recipient can look forward to fast and flexible delivery. Your customers can get sms notifications when their shipments are on their way, which provide the opportunity to choose where they want to pick them up. Flexible for you and easy for customers.

Pacsoft Online is free of charge if you have a customer service agreement with PostNord. The only thing you need to get started with this is a customer number.

Do you already have a customer service agreement?

Then you click and go to Pacsoft Online to get started straight away. Or else contact Customerservice at 70 11 12 30.

Pacsoft Online gives you:

  • A good overview: The tool handles all your domestic and international shipments, with smart reporting and search functions that help you quickly keep control of all your shipments.
  • Faster service: PostNord is notified that you are planning to make a shipment when you print shipping documents via the system; we then begin to plan how to ensure you get an as flexible delivery as possible
  • Greater customer satisfaction: You can use the system to offer your customers a delivery point of their choice and sms notifications.
  • Cost savings: Pacsoft Online is a free solution for all our contract customers.


Equipment requirements

Client platform

Microsoft Windows 2000, Windows 7, XP or Vista with Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Opera.

Mac OS X with Safari or Mozilla Firefox.

Internet connection

Stable internet connection with a minimum speed of 128 kbps.

Label printer

All common laser printers from well-known brands. A wide range of label printers from brands such as Datamax/Imaje, Intermec, Zebra, Sato and others are supported.

You can contact Pacsoft Online Support via email or on 70 21 80 73 to obtain the latest information about specific models.

Report and list printers

All common laser printers from well-known brands. You can contact Pacsoft Online Support via email or on 70 21 80 73 to obtain the latest information about specific models.


STE-type label with receipt part (105 x 251 mm) for label printers or 2 x STE label type with receipt part on A4 paper, with the receipt part for a label printer.

For some products (some letter products), a smaller label size of 105 x 72 mm can also be used for label printers. See the order page for labels and printers in Pacsoft Online for more information about labels and printers.

Til nogle produkter (nogle brevprodukter) kan der også anvendes en mindre label i størrelsen 105 x 72 mm til labelprinter. Se bestillingssiden til labels og printere i Pacsoft Online for at få yderligere oplysninger om labels og printere.

Pacsoft Online