MyPack Home

With MyPack Home, you can send parcels weighing up to 35 kg, which are collected from you and delivered directly to the customer’s door. You have to be a contract customer to be able to use MyPack Home.

Your company can easily send trackable parcels to individuals in the Nordic region and the rest of Europe – from door to door

MyPack Home is a straightforward door-to-door service for e-commerce companies and other companies that often send parcels.

Benefits with MyPack Home

A straightforward service for companies that frequently send parcels.

The recipient doesn’t have to collect the parcel – we deliver it to their door.

Parcels can be tracked the whole way.

You don’t have to hand in the parcel – we collect it from you.

Regardless of whether you run an e-commerce operation or just want to easily send parcels sometimes, this is the service for you. We collect the parcel from you and deliver it straight to the recipient’s door. You can, of course, track the parcel the whole way to the recipient.

Easy for you and easy for your customers!

MyPack Home parcels can weigh up to 35 kg.


Dimensions and weights for parcels sent within Denmark

Max weight 35 kg
Max length 220 cm
Length + circumference 360 cm


Dimensions and weights​ for parcels sent to other Nordic countries

Max weight 35 kg
Max length 175 cm
Length + circumference 300 cm


Dimensions and weights​ for parcels sent to other EU countries or Switzerland

Max weight 31.5 kg
Max length 175 cm
Length + circumference 300 cm


Dimensions and weights​​ for parcels sent to the rest of the world

Max weight 20 kg
Max length 175 cm
Length + circumference 300 cm

Start sending parcels with MyPack Home 

MyPack Home parcels can be sent using Pacsoft Online. To use the tool and the service, you need to be a service agreement customer.

Become a service agreement costumer

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