MyPack Collect

You can use MyPack Collect to send parcels to their customers, with delivery to collection points in the Nordic region and Europe.

Send parcels to your private customers in the Nordic countries and Europe directly to a service point

Regardless of whether you have an online store or just want to send parcels to your customers in a flexible way, our MyPack Collect solution is perfect for you.

Benefits with MyPack Collect

We deliver in the Nordic region and Europe.

We deliver the parcel to a service point located near the recipient.

The recipient receives a message when the parcel is ready for collection.

Parcels can be tracked the whole way to the recipient.

We deliver the parcel to a collection point located near the recipient. We deliver in the Nordic region and Europe and have a large distribution network, which is constantly growing.

With MyPack Collect, you can track the progress of the parcel until it is handed over to the recipient at the collection point. The recipient receives a message, via SMS, email or the PostNord app, when the parcel can be collected from the post office selected by the recipient. Flexible for you and easy for customers.

MyPack Collect can be used for parcels weighing up to 20 kg.


Dimensions for parcels sent to Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden

Max length 150 cm
Max. length + perimeter 300 cm


Dimensions for parcels sent to parcels sent to Belgium, Estonia, France, the Netherlands, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, United Kingdom, Germany and Austria

Max length 100 cm
Max. length + perimeter 250 cm


Delivery and notification

Parcels are delivered to one of PostNord’s collection points or to a parcel locker terminal, Pakkeboks. The recipient receives an SMS or email when the parcel is ready for collection.

Parcels 7 days a week

In Denmark, we deliver MyPack Collect parcels every day from Monday to Sunday. This means that your customers can collect their parcels already on Saturdays or Sundays , instead of waiting until after the weekend. We deliver to all open post offices and parcels lockers across the entire country.

With Parcels 7 days a week you can increase your conversion rate during the weekends. At the same time, you offer your customers good service by letting them shop online when they want and have time during the weekend and still have the parcel delivered the following day.


PostNord provides compensation in accordance with the framework of the Nordic Forwarders’ General Provisions 2015 (NSAB 2015). Compensation of 8.33 SDR per kg is paid for all types of parcel. However, compensation for MyPack parcels can amount to up to 40 SDR per parcel + 4.5 SDR per kg, if this is more advantageous to you as the sender. The daily exchange rate for SDR can be seen here.

Goods insurance

Take out supplementary goods insurance (in Danish).

Destinations to which MyPack Collect parcels can be delivered:

Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Austria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, France and United Kingdom

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