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Parcels with care - CO₂ Compensated Parcels

Choose ‘Parcels with care’ and show your customers that you care about the environment. Your contribution will go to Danish projects that compensate for the CO₂ emissions of your shipments with PostNord.

Parcels with care

It's now easier to be environmentally conscious - even when sending parcels. Customer care more than ever about the environment and you can now comply with their requests when they shop with you.

Producing, sorting and transporting parcels uses resources and emits CO₂, negatively affecting the environment. We have calculated the impact of each parcel on the environment – and the price to compensate for the CO₂ emission of each parcel.

When you choose Parcels with care, we guarantee that the CO₂ emissions from your shipments will be compensated.


The Project

All the money goes to a unique project in Hals Mose, Aalborg, where a former wetland has been restored. The project, created in collaboration with the Danish Nature Fund, will raise the water level in the wetland to a natural level. This will bound CO₂ to the ground and in turn reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The project foresees a climate gain of approx. 1,750 tonnes of CO₂ eq. pr. year.

The CO₂ bounding process will start as soon as the water reaches its natural level - estimated for early 2022. In addition, the project aims to restore the area and create a safe habitat for the local flora and wildlife - i.e. cranes, night owls and golden eagles. This will give the area's residents, summerhouse guests and tourists a new natural gem with free access all year round. Read more about this exciting project here (text in Danish)

Parcels with care supports PostNord's comprehensive environmental program. To know more, you can click and read more about our environmental program (text in Danish)


CO2 reduction for the full amount

The price is 5 øre pr. pcs. excl. VAT - in addition to the price of the parcel. The amount supports the nature restoration and water pumping project in Hals Mose and as early as the beginning of 2022, will also contribute to compensating the CO₂ emissions caused by sending parcels. PostNord bears all expenses for the administration.

You can purchase your CO₂ Compensated Parcels (Parcels with care) through your TA system. If you do not have access to this, contact your service provider.

The scheme includes packages sent to recipients in Denmark and the Nordic countries.


Logo showing CO₂ compensated parcel

When you choose Parcels with care, you get the opportunity to put a logo on your shipments. With the CO₂ compensated parcel logo, you can make it visible to customers and the outside world that you are climate-conscious.


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