Postpakke International

Send parcels weighing up to 20 kg to recipients anywhere in the world.

Sending parcels to international destinations

Do you want to be able to send parcels abroad rapidly and securely? Then our Postpakke International service is what you need.

Benefits with PostPakke International


In certain countries, you can track the parcel all the way to the recipient.

Extensive coverage

Send parcels to recipients anywhere in the world.


Purchase the required postage directly online.

With this international parcel service, we make it easy to send parcels that weigh up to 20 kilograms to recipients anywhere in the world.

How do I send parcels abroad?

You can either pay for the required postage using the Online Porto tool or go to one of our large post offices to send PostPakke International parcels anywhere in the world.

You have to fill in a customs declaration when sending goods to countries outside the EU. For this, you fill in a form that serves as both the address label and the customs declaration. You then put this in a plastic pocket and attach it to the parcel. This allows the customs authorities in the destination country to declare your parcel before delivery is made to the recipient.

Do you want to send parcels to the Faroe Islands or Greenland and do not need fast delivery? In that case you can send the parcel using Economy class.

Track & Trace

You can follow your parcel all the way to the recipient with Track and Trace.

You can also download our app, click and read more about PostNord appen.


The sender is responsible for ensuring that the parcel only contains goods that are approved for transport by air and also in the country to which the parcel is being sent. If the parcel is found to have unauthorized content, it will be returned to the sender. Information about the applicable rules in the country to which you are sending the parcel is available here.


Calculate how much it costs to send Postpakke International.

Do you need further information?

You are welcome to check our website or contact us on 70 70 70 30 to obtain more information about your options if you want to send parcels.

Dimensions and weights

Min. 14 x 9 cm format-pakke-illustration.jpg
Max. length 150 cm
Max. length + circumference 300 cm
Maximum weight 20 kg
Parcels with a length of between 120 and 150 cm are subject to a special size surcharge.

Do you want to send Postpakke International 

This can easily be done by paying the required postage online.

Online Porto

With the Online Porto shipping tool, you can easily start sending letters and parcels. Describe what you need to send and get suggestions on which service best suits your needs. Pay the shipping costs easily using a credit card and then print the shipping document.

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