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Postpakke Collect

Send parcels weighing up to 20 kilograms, with delivery to the distribution point closest to the recipient.
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With Postpakke Collect, you can send parcels within Denmark

Do you want to send parcels that the recipient can collect from one of our distribution points? Then Postpakke Collect is what you need.

Benefits with PostPakke Collect

  • Extensive coverage

    We deliver throughout Denmark.

  • Secure

    You can track your parcels all the way to the recipient.

  • Straightforward

    We pick up the parcel from you and deliver it to a partner outlet near the recipient.

  • The recipient receives notification when the parcel can be collected.

With PostPakke Collect, you can send parcels to recipients in Denmark, with collection straight from a distribution point. We deliver parcels to the partner outlet that was chosen by the sender or is nearest to the recipient. In Denmark, we deliver to our 1,100 partner outlets and 475 pakkeboks parcel machines.

PostPakke Collect consignments are trackable, so you can follow the parcel all the way through to collection by the recipient. The recipient receives a notification via SMS, email or the PostNord app when the parcel arrives at the partner outlet chosen by the recipient – flexible for both you and the recipient.

Delivery and notification

The parcel is delivered to one of PostNord’s partner outlets or to a pakkeboks. The recipient receives notification via SMS or email when the parcel can be collected.

Saturday delivery

In Denmark, we deliver PostPakke Collect consignments every day from Monday to Saturday. This means that your customers can pick up their parcels from a partner outlet or a pakkeboks.


The sender is responsible for ensuring that the contents of the parcel only contain goods approved for air transport. If it is discovered that the parcel contains unauthorized content, it will be returned to the sender.


Calculate how much it costs to send PostPakke Collect.

Track & Trace

You can follow your parcel all the way to the recipient with Track and Trace.

You can also download our app, click and read more about PostNord appen.


PostNord provides compensation for parcels in accordance with the General Conditions of the Nordic Association of Freight Forwarders 2015 (NSAB 2015). Compensation of 8.33 SDR per kg is paid for all parcels. However, compensation of up to 40 SDRs per parcel + 4.5 SDR per kilogram can be paid for PostPakke consignments if this is more advantageous to the sender. Daily SDR exchange rates.

Dimensions and weights

Min. 14 x 9 cm format-pakke-illustration.jpg
Max. length 150 cm
Max. length + circumference 300 cm
Maximum weight 20 kg
Parcels with a length of between 120 and 150 cm are subject to a special size surcharge.

Parcels sent from Pakkeboksen

Parcels in Pakkeboksen must not exceed a maximum of: 35 x 37 x 61 cm pakkeboksen.jpg

Do you want to send Postpakke

This can easily be done by paying the required postage online.

Online Porto

With the Online Porto shipping tool, you can easily start sending letters and parcels. Describe what you need to send and get suggestions on which service best suits your needs. Pay the shipping costs easily using a credit card and then print the shipping document.

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Send environmentally friendly parcels

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