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Postpakke Collect

Send parcels weighing up to 20 kilograms, with delivery to the distribution point closest to the recipient.

More about Postpakke Collect$More about Postpakke Collect

Postpakke Home

PostPakke is a service for sending parcels within Denmark, and to Europe and the rest of the world. The parcels can have a weight of up to 20 kg.

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Postpakke International

Send parcels weighing up to 20 kg to recipients anywhere in the world.

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Valuable items

If you want to send valuable items such as gold, silver, coins, banknotes or securities, you can do this safely using the Værdiforsendelse (Value Consignment) service.

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When sending packages

When sending a package, you can choose to have it brought home to the recipient. We call it PostPakke Home.

Another cheaper option is to send your parcel directly to a post office or to Pakkeboksen, where the recipient will pick it up himself. We call it PostPakke Collect.

Send parcels from Pakkeboksen

You can easily and conveniently send parcels from Pakkeboksen. To send parcels from Pakkeboksen, you need a package label with postage. You can buy your package label with postage online or use the prepaid return label when you return goods to an online store.

Buy Online porto when sending parcels via Pakkeboksen

You can print a package label with postage directly in Pakkeboksen if you have purchased a package label with Online porto.

Click here to buy your parcel label with Online porto

Click and find your nearest Pakkeboks


Pin codes on your receipt

* At your receipt there are two pin codes that you can use to print the package label with postage in Pakkeboksen - and afterwards you can send your parcel from Pakkeboksen.

Parcels sent from Pakkeboksen

Time for delivery to Pakkeboksen PostPakke Home PostPakke Collect
  Delivered Delivered
Friday before 8:00 am Saturday Monday
Friday after 8:00 am and until Monday before 8:00 am Tuesday Tuesday
Tuesday before 8:00 am Wednesday Wednesday
Wednesday before 8:00 am Thursday Thursday
Thursday before 8:00 am Friday Friday