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PostNord Pallet

We pick up pallets weighing up to 1,000 kilograms from you and deliver them to recipient companies and consumers.

Benefits with PostNord Pallet


Pallets can be sent anywhere to the Nordic countries.


All shipments can be tracked all the way to the recipient.


The pallets are picked up from you and delivered to the recipient company or consumer.

PostNord Pallet is suitable if you want to:

  • Ship pallets that weigh up to 1,000 kg
  • Have goods picked up from you and delivered to the customer
  • Be able to follow the goods’ journey and know when they arrive at the destination.

Advance notification and freight handling

Before using the Pallet service, you need to submit an electronic advance notification via EDI (Electronic Data Interchange). This can be done via Pacsoft Online, our online transport administration tool, our service agreement customers can get access to.

All pallet goods need to have a shipping document. You can easily print out shipping documents directly in Pacsoft Online.

Additional services

In addition to the basic service, we also offer the following additional services for an additional fee, based on PostNord’s latest price list.

Goods insurance

It is possible to sign a goods insurance policy with an external insurance company via PostNord.

Telephone notification – within the Nordic region

The recipient is called to book a time for the delivery.

Limited quantity of dangerous goods – within the Nordic region

Goods that are to be transported must not contain hazardous goods. However, a so-called limited quantity of dangerous goods can be sent with PostNord Pallet.

Before 9 and Before 12

The Before 9 service ensures that the goods are delivered to the recipient before 9.00 am on the next business day.

The Before 12 service ensures that the goods are delivered to the recipient before 12.00 pm (noon) on the next business day.

Pallet transfer

A pallet transfer system is a system used to monitor pallet flows between customers who ship goods with PostNord Pallet and their recipient customers. The system covers approved EUR pallets. Special agreements are required for recipient customers.

Contact us

If you want to hear more about our pallet solution please contact Customer Service.

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