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PostNord Part Loads PostNord Part Loads
Logistics service for service agreement customers

PostNord Part Loads

PostNord Part Loads is a door-to-door service for sending various types of goods.

Benefits with PostNord Part Loads
  • Flexible – together, we decide when the goods are to be picked up and delivered; loading and unloading is included.
  • Straightforward – the goods are picked up from you and delivered directly to the recipient, without any terminal management required in between.
  • Extensive – with our unique infrastructure, you reach your customers every day, no matter where in the country they are located.
  • Comprehensive – we provide logistics solutions ranging from a single shipment to more complex transportation.

When you want to send part loads with direct delivery

PostNord Part Loads is a flexible and attractively priced door-to-door service for sending various types of goods. You can send individual shipments or arrange more complex transports – we have the solutions for your needs.

Together, we decide what times the goods are to be picked up and delivered. We deliver Monday-Friday (except public holidays). Your goods can consist of part loads or complete loads, and should be possible to handle with normal means and ship in normal transport units. To the greatest extent possible, we ship the goods directly from the sender to the recipient, without the need for any handling in terminals.


The delivery time varies, depending on where the delivery is to be made and what is to be delivered. You are welcome to call us at 70 11 12 30 for more information.

Would you like to book a cargo transport?

You need to have an agreement with us to use PostNord Part Loads. And you can get an agreement by calling 70 11 12 30.

Dimensions and weights

The following dimension and weight limits apply when sending goods as PostNord Part Loads

Max. length13.60 m
Max. width2.50 m
Max. height2.65 m
Max. weight30-42 tons with EMS
Max. volume90-133 m3
Our units are fitted with lifts. Goods with dimensions and weights that deviate from these can be handled as special assignments.

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