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Registered mail

Registered Letters can be used for sending items of relatively low monetary value and items which are important but have no monetary value, such as documents, examination certificates or similar.

You can send Registered Letters to recipients in Denmark, the Faroe Islands and Greenland as well as to recipients at international destinations. Registered Parcels can be sent to recipients in Denmark only.

Certain countries do not admit coins, bank notes, bearer bonds, traveller’s cheques, platinum, gold, silver, precious stones or other valuable objects for carriage as registered items.


Registered Letters must be wrapped securely in strong material. Coins must be wrapped so that they do not move about during transit. Registered Parcels must be wrapped in strong material but they need not be sealed unless you send cash. In that case, you must wrap and seal the registered item as a money packet or coin bag.

Posting and marking

Registered Letters must be posted at the post office or handed to the postman in rural areas. A receipt will always be given. If a Registered Letter can be opened easily or looks as if it has been opened before posting, the sender must sign his name across the sealed flap of the envelope. This applies also if the item is sealed with tape. On the front of a letter or parcel sent as a registered item, the sender must write "R" or “Rekommanderet” (Registered). If the item is for an international destination, "Recommandé" must be written instead. On posting the post office assigns a registered number (barcode) to the item.

Handing out to specific person

Registered items can be picked up by a specified recipient in both Denmark and abroad, except for a few countries. For domestic destinations the item must be endorsed "Personligt" (Personal) and for international destinations "A remettre en main propre".

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