We Mail

Save time and money by letting PostNord print, envelope, frank and distribute your letters.

Save time and money on your letters with We Mail

Do you want others to handle the printing, enveloping, franking and distribution of your letters? If so, We Mail is for you.

Benefits with We Mail

  • Time-saving

    You avoid having to do all the practical handling and administration.

  • Save money

    You avoid having to store headed paper and envelopes, and you lower your printing and postage costs. You may also not need a franking machine.

  • Easy

    You send your letters straight from your PC.

  • Greater customer satisfaction

    Your recipients can receive their communication in the way they prefer (digital or physical).

With We Mail you can simply and flexibly send both day-to-day letters and larger mailings to several customers. PostNord prints, envelopes, franks and distributes your letters – in Denmark and abroad. You can also use We Mail to send letters to your customers’ e-Boks e-mailbox.

How We Mail works:

  • You decide whether you want to send straight from your desktop via a client application or via file transfer.
  • Choose whether the letters are to be sent as Breve or Quickbreve (express). You can also send them to your customers abroad.
  • We make sure that you always pay the lowest possible postage. Choose whether you want us to send notification to e-Boks when there is an entry. PostNord takes care of printing, enveloping and distribution.
  • You get a receipt.
  • You get usage statistics.


You pay for the We Mail account to be set up (one-off payment). You get a monthly invoice for printing, enveloping and postage.

How to get started:

You sign an agreement with PostNord. Contact your sales rep or customer service for business customers.

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