Tracked Letter DK

Tracked Letter DK is an attractive solution for everyone who has a subscription business and wants an efficient distribution solution for their customers in Denmark. An agreement with PostNord is required to send Tracked Letter DK.

An attractive distribution solution for your subscription business

Send small subscription items with Tracked Letter DK and have them delivered to your customers’ addresses.

Benefits of Tracked Letter DK

  • Delivery to the address – easy and convenient for your customers

  • Scanning of the consignment upon delivery, so you have documentation that your customer has received the item

  • Tracking your consignments from drop-off to delivery via the Customer Portal

  • Competitive prices and simple price model

  • Climate-friendly distribution – two out of three Tracked Letter DK deliveries are made by bike

Delivery to the address

Convenience is a key word when your customers sign up for your subscription solution. Therefore, delivery to the address is an important parameter in our distribution solution

We are able to deliver most Tracked Letter DK consignments in the mailbox. When mailbox delivery is not possible, we leave the consignment in a safe place at the customer's address, sheltered from the wind and weather, in accordance with our Flex Delivery concept. Click here to find out more about Flex Delivery


The price for Tracked Letter DK is a unit price, regardless of weight and size, so a single price always applies to all your Tracked Letter DK consignments – it’s simple and you always know what your consignment will cost. Click to see prices for Tracked Letter DK

Delivery time and quality

Tracked Letter DK consignments are delivered 1-5 working days after drop-off at PostNord.

PostNord is synonymous with nationwide distribution backed by the finest delivery quality on the market.



Tracked Letter DK

Minimum 9 x 14 cm
Maximum 23 x 33 cm
Max. thickness 3 cm
Max. weight 2 kg


Read all the practical information here (including more about Flex delivery, tracking via the Customer Portal, drop-off, address labels and EDI).

Do you want to learn more?

If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact Customer Service Business by calling 70 11 12 30.

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