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Sorted International Mail

If you need to send many letters abroad at the same time and the letters are franked with PP impression, Sorted International Mail is a low cost option.

If you want to send multiple international letters at the same time

Sorted International Mail is a low cost option if your company wants to send multiple letters to recipients abroad at the same time. If the letters contain other than documents, you must use PostNord Tracked or PostNord Untracked instead.


Benefits with Sorted International Mail

Cheaper than the Letters abroad Business service.

Good if you want to send numerous letters to international destinations at the same time.

Secure, fast and reliable delivery of letters around the world.

Delivery time

Depending on how quickly you want your letters to be delivered to the recipients, you can send them as either Prioritaire (Priority) or Økonomi (Economy). Letters sent as Prioritaire normally reach recipients within 2-6 working days in the Nordic countries, 2-6 working days in Europe and 5-15 working days in the rest of the world. Økonomi takes a little longer but is cheaper.


Letters sent as Sorted International Mail as A-mail must be marked with "Priority", either handwritten or with a label placed on the front of the letter above the address. The labels can be ordered here at PostNords Netbutik


The letters must be handed in at the closest business mail center together with a completed delivery note for Sorted International Post (EK2). Each batch must consist of at least 100 Standardbreve, 25 Storbreve or 10 Maxibreve, sorted by recipient country. A batch must consist of either “Prioritaire” or “Økonomi” letters. These two different types may not be mixed.



Sorted International Mail


Minimum 9 x 14 cm
Maximum 23 x 17 cm
Max. thickness 0.5 cm
Max. weight 50 g



Minimum 9 x 14 cm
Maximum 33 x 23 cm
Max. thickness 1 cm (2 cm for selected countries)
Max. weight 500 g (2 kg for selected countries)



Minimum 9 x 14 cm
Maximum Length 60 cm (and length + width + height = 90 cm)
Max weight 2 kg


Rolls and long items:

Minimum Length 10 cm (and length + 2 x diameter or length + 2 x height = 17 cm)
Maksimum Length 90 cm (and length + 2 x diameter or length + 2 x height = 104 cm)

The price varies depending on the size of the letter and where it is going.Price

Get started

You need to have an agreement with PostNord to send Sorted International Mail. Contact Customer Service to get started.

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