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Registered Mail Business

Registered Mail

When you send important documents or small commercial items using registered mail, the item must be signed for by the recipient.

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Benefits with Registered Mail
  • Safe – the letter always has to be signed for upon receipt.
  • Trackable – in Denmark and abroad.
  • Flexible – you decide how quickly you want the letter to be delivered.
Send important documents and letters with valuable content safely and with tracking – to destinations in both Denmark and abroad

Do you want to send important documents or small commercial items within Denmark or abroad? When you use Registered Mail, the item must be signed for by the recipient and it can be tracked the whole way.

Delivery time

Registered Mail is delivered within 5 working days in Denmark and can be sent to destinations in both Denmark and abroad. You can also send such mail as Quickbreve letters to recipients in Denmark if you want them to be delivered on the first working day after being posted. You can view the currently applicable delivery times for each country here (in Danish).


In Denmark, registered letters have to be signed for by the recipient.

Pay for postage online

You can pay for the postage for registered mail online. For this, you buy an address label in Online Porto, which you then print out and put on the letter. The postage is included.

If you use a franking machine or send letters with PP franking, you can use Pacsoft Online, if you have the relevant agreement. In Pacsoft Online, you print out an address label for the registered letter, put it on the letter. Postage is paid using either a franking machine or PP franking.

Advantages of buying postage online:

  • The price is lower when you buy online.
  • Easy administration when registering the sender and recipient.
  • Printing of address label (as with parcels).
  • Possibility of electronic confirmation for posting the item to PostNord (replaces postal receipt/special receipt).
  • Possibility of notifying the recipient that a registered letter is on its way.

Can I send whatever I want?

You can send anything, with the following exceptions:

How do I send the letter?

  • If you are a private customer, you can hand in your registered letter at the post office. If you have not purchased the postage online, your letter will be labeled with a barcode that you can use to track it. When handing in the letter, you can obtain a receipt, on which you fill in the sender and the recipient. These are then confirmed by us.
  • If you are a business customer, you can hand in the letter with a shipping document at your nearest letter terminal.

Do you want to track your shipment?

If you have your shipping reference number, you can easily track your item of mail. The shipping reference number is stated on the receipt you received when you handed in the letter for mailing.

You can see when your registered letter has left Denmark. When you send something abroad, you can also see when the consignment has reached the destination country and been delivered to the recipient. Please see country facts for more information.

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