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Postage paid by recipient

Your customers can reply quickly and easily to your direct mail, market research, and other communications, using a postage paid response. It’s inexpensive for your customers and invaluable for your business.

With “Postage paid by recipient,” you pay for the letters you receive, and a fixed monthly subscription. Your envelopes, coupons or reply cards just have to have a special franked stamp, and the recipient address must be written in a specific way.


Your customers can post “Postage paid by recipient” shipments in post offices and mailboxes. The consignments will be returned within two business days.

Use international reply cards for your foreign customers

The International Business Reply Service (IBRS) allows you to receive reply consignments from your customers worldwide (except Taiwan).

The recipient’s address has to be written in black or dark blue. The reply card/envelope must also have the franked text “Ne pas affranchir,” “No stamp required,” “Modtageren betaler portoen” or similar.

If you only need to send letters to/from English-speaking countries, you should use a franked stamp with English text.

If your customers live on the Faroe Islands or Greenland, you can write in Danish: “Sendes ufrankeret. Modtageren betaler portoen”.

You should print response cards on card-based material. You cannot use cut-outs from magazines or newspapers such as IBRS (International Business Reply Service).

Your return shipments may weigh up to 2 kg when returned from Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Finland, Greenland, Faroe Islands, Germany, Belgium, Estonia, France, Greece, Netherlands, Ireland, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Slovakia, Slovenia, UK, the Czech Republic and Hungary. The maximum weight for shipments returned from the rest of the world is 50 grams.

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