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Letter services for businesses

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Shipments sent using Consignment get a local appearance, which is an advantage when you want to reach a lot of customers abroad.

More about Consignment$More about Consignment

Digital letter

You send a data file, and PostNord handles and delivers the documents directly to the recipient’s e-Boks.

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Erhvervsbreve (Business Letters)

Erhvervsbreve provide a low cost solution for companies that send numerous letters in Denmark at the same time.

More about Erhvervsbreve (Business Letters)$More about Erhvervsbreve (Business Letters)

Franking machine

Using a franking machine saves both time and money for business owners.

More about Franking machine$More about Franking machine

Franking service

You get help handling your mail, save costs, optimize the postage you pay and have more time for other activities.

More about Franking service$More about Franking service

Letters abroad Business

Fast and reliable delivery of individual letters or larger shipments to the entire world.

More about Letters abroad Business$More about Letters abroad Business

Letters Business

An affordable option when it is not urgent and you will send less than 3,000 letters.

More about Letters Business$More about Letters Business

Omnichannel communication

Omnichannel helps you communicate with your customers on their terms, giving them the best customer experience – physically and digitally.

More about Omnichannel communication$More about Omnichannel communication

Quickbreve Business

Quickbreve Business is more expensive than Letters Business, but the letters arrive sooner – on the first working day after being posted.

More about Quickbreve Business$More about Quickbreve Business

Registered Mail Private

When you send important documents or small commercial items using registered mail, the item must be signed for by the recipient.

More about Registered Mail Private$More about Registered Mail Private

Sorted International Mail Business

Sorted International Mail is a low cost option if you need to send many letters abroad at the same time.

More about Sorted International Mail Business$More about Sorted International Mail Business

Tracked Letter DK

Send small subscription items with Tracked Letter DK and have them delivered to your customers’ addresses.

More about Tracked Letter DK$More about Tracked Letter DK

We Mail

When you both want to send physical and digital letters.

More about We Mail$More about We Mail