We pick the goods up from you in the afternoon, transport them during the night and deliver them to customers in the Nordic and Baltic countries the next morning.

We deliver your goods while you sleep

With our InNight logistics service, you can sleep well during the night while your goods are safely transported and reach your customers before their work days have even started. Transporting goods at night saves time and money – both for you and for your customers.

Benefits with InNight


We pick up the goods in the afternoon, transport them during the night and deliver them, depending on the distance involved, the next morning, without the recipient needing to be present.


We deliver throughout the Nordic region and in the Baltic countries.


Each shipment can be tracked all the way to the final destination.


More than 98% of shipments are delivered before 7 am in Denmark.


We deliver every day, no matter where the parcel is to be delivered.

InNight is suitable for businesses that need a fast and reliable service for delivery of goods, such as spare parts, anywhere in Denmark (except to islands without bridge connections) by 7 am. This means that the spare parts are ready when the garage opens, allowing mechanics to carry out vehicle repairs faster.

We pick up the items in the afternoon and deliver them to your customer as early as possible the next morning. However, delivery may take a little longer if the goods have to be transported a long way. Our drivers have access to the recipient’s delivery points and unload the goods themselves so that they are in place when your customer arrives. You can of course keep track of where the goods are and when they are delivered, as each individual parcel is scanned by our drivers.

InNight is suitable if you

  • want to have goods delivered to customers in the Nordic and Baltic countries quickly and efficiently
  • want to have goods picked up in the afternoon and want us to deliver them as quickly as possible without the recipient needing to be present
  • want to be able to track where the goods are and be informed when they arrive at their destination.

Max weight for parcels and pallets delivered with InNight

Max. weight per parcel 35 kg
Max. weight per pallet 500 kg

Are you interested in using InNight?

You are welcome to call us at +45 70 200 200 for help to get started.


Get overview of your parcels and pallets delivered with InNight

In the portal, you can for example see reports with shipping statistics and quality numbers, keep track of your invoices and do bookings, etc.

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